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Thank You Message from Grumo CEO

After one year in business Grumo has gathered over 500 loyal and awesome Facebook fans.
On behalf of the Grumo team I want to thank all of you for having joined the Grumo family, including our dear clients, Grumo students, friends, and every single one of you.

Especial thanks go to my two most loyal fans Lenny Ramirez and Remington McElhaney.
And of course to my mom in Spain who checks this blog every single day although she doesn't speak English! (She uses Google Translate to get the most hilarious translations haha!)

Thanks so much for believing in the power of Grumo and for spreading the love for Grumo across your networks.
Every new fan counts, every new visit to this blog counts, the more the merrier!

Peace, love, and cookies!

Grumo thanks you, Gracias! oh yeah!

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  • Congratulations! and thanks for mentioning me in your post! That definitely made my day 🙂 

    I love watching what Epipheo can do with a video but there always just seems to be something a little different about the Grumo’s which is hard to put a finger on. Perhaps its that your smaller so can have more control on each individual video and make sure they all have that all important “S” for Smile to complete your success! Whatever it is, it makes them more enjoyable for me to watch! Keep them coming!

    • It’s called the magic Grumo touch! thanks Remington!

  • Anonymous

    Some day we’ll share a beer on Grumo’s success 🙂 

    Now I want a tshirt hahaha where’s that swag store you had around?

    Thanks always for the inspiration and loved your hungry taco loco domo on your side. lol

    • Thanks Lenny! T-Shirts are all at
      I actually created the store almost the same day I created this site a year ago!

  • Tu trabajo es una gran inspiración. Felicitaciones y gracias !

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  • Congratulations of completing one year in business. That’s really awesome!

  • Rondahlnd

    Congratulations and you have a great website.  
    P.S.  My grandson’s name is Miguel Hernandez.

    • Thanks Ronda! Say Hi to your son from me, Miguel Hernandezes are the best 😉

  • Hey Miguel… Just realeased another video using what we learned from the Grumo course… Thanks again Erico…

    here is the video

  • Hailey Wayland

    Thanks so much for believing in the power of Grumo and for spreading the love for Grumo across your networks.

  • Enhorabuena Miguel. Tengo una teoría sobre la razón por la que regalaste tu segundo video y que lanzó Grumo. ERES DE BILBAO, Y AQUÍ SOMOS ASÍ DE GENEROSOS. Saludos desde el botxo y Enhorabuena otra vez. Un emprendedor bilbaíno es casi garantía de éxito 🙂

    • Los de Bilbao somos LA HOSTIA! 🙂 Saludos y mucho exito colega emprendedor!

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