The Story behind the name Grumo

We call our videos grumos. Grumo is the Spanish word for clump. It doesn’t mean anything in English but is an easy to remember, fun and unique word, exactly what our little demos videos aim to be.

However there is a story behind the name. About 10 years ago we had four cats. The oldest one was Mia. She was imported from the US by my older brother after he finished university in Reno. Mia eventually got pregnant and had 2 kittens, a male and a female one.
We called the male Radar because his little tail always stuck straight up like an antenna as if it were picking up some kind of kitty radio frequency.
The female we called Grumo because she was small, round, and fluffy, like a clump of hair.

Grumo - The Fluffy Kitty inside a Boot
Grumo - the fluffy kitty inside a boot

Grumo lived a very short life. Shortly after the picture inside the boot was taken, Grumo went on one of her nightly strolls across the street into a little forest but never came back.
Many nights we could hear coyotes howling and we assumed the worst. Grumo probably became some hungry coyote’s dinner.
It was very sad that she never came back. Grumo was such a young, cute, soft, fluffy, and photogenic little kitty.

Grumo we miss you!

We miss Grumo dearly and hope that Grumo’s little kitty soul will live strong for many years in Grumo Media’s name and work.
Just remember that everyone of our videos carries with it a little bit of the soul and love for the cutest kitty we ever had. Sniff!

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3 thoughts on “The Story behind the name Grumo

  1. Lourdes Reply

    Now I know what Grumo means and how you named your company. Great story, bittersweet but interesting. Thanks for sharing the history!

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