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Why is soda cheaper than water?

Hola Grumo fans of the world and beyond!

We're really excited to introduce our new Youtube video series called Grumology.

To kick off this series we settled on this question:

Why is soda cheaper than water?

Well.. Do you know why? no worries, we didn't have a clue either so we asked the Internet, processed a bunch of possible answers and came up with this, our first Grumology episode:

As you know here at Grumo Media we are experts at explaining what companies do using short, fun and engaging animations.

Over the last 4 years we've done hundreds of these explanation videos for companies big and small from all corners of the world.. and then one day we thought with our brains inside our skull... but why stop there? how about explaining other things? how about coming up with creative ways to explain interesting questions?

There are so many topics worth exploring. So many important or interesting questions begging to be explained!

We really didn't now where to start so we wrote a long list of possible questions we found interesting. Then we researched all the possible answers and combined them into our own simplified Grumo explanation.

What do you think? did you learn something new? Did you like the animation?
What other pressing questions would you like to see answered the Grumo way?

Please comment below and if you want to watch more Grumology videos you can subscribe to our YouTube channel [ HERE ]

Our goal is to publish a new video every month! vamos!

Why is bottled water more expensive than CocaCola or even gas? -  cause we are locos!

Why is bottled water more expensive than CocaCola or even gas? - cause we are locos!

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  • Eddy Kindermans

    Hola Miguel,

    May I ask what software you used to make this?


    Eddy from Belgium

    • Hi Eddy,
      This video was done using a combination on Adobe Flash and After Effects. I actually created an entire 10 hour course explaining step by step how to create animations like this. You can check it out here:

      • Ed

        Tx Miguel,

        I already took your course on making a demo video with Keynote and I really would like to avoid any Adobe subscriptions. Is there no alternative (besides Keynote, which is certainly limited otherwise you would have used it 😉 to AE?



        • Thanks for taking my course Ed!
          You could try Toon Boom Studio or Powtoons.
          I know there are common alternatives but I’ve never used them so I cannot really comment on them. Regards

          • Ed

            Tx, but those are more just a step up from PPT…

  • Ross, Miguel great job. Love your work. Look forward to more.

  • A phenomenal idea Miguel, I’m a big fan of VSauce which has a similar theme. You’ll go far with this, I know it. Kudos to you and the team. 🙂

  • Mat

    But he went in looking for soda!