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Viral Video: Racing Inside a Google Auto-Driving Car

This video makes a very strong case to dispel any myths that self-driving cars cannot drive fast and safely at the same time.
Once the right technology is in place going faster is just a matter of turning a knob and the computer will simply process information and react faster with no sweat at all.

"Pretty soon, Earth will be renamed to Google Earth." is the current top comment for this YouTube video.

Basically a 1:33min glimpse into the future of self driving cars, or should I say self racing cars.

That car could perform the same course at the same speed and with the same precision until it ran out of gas where any average driver would most likely become exhausted and make a mistake a lot sooner.

Is this clear proof that we just got surpassed by computers at driving?
There are hundreds of other driving case scenarios that are not proven with this video but surely could be just as easily added with a few more thousand lines of code.

How far are we from a self driving car than can beat the best Formula One driver?

Watch out Alonso, soon the guy in you rear view mirror may look like this!

Hola Alonso get out of my way u 2 slow! Beep! beep!

Mierda! (Shit!) It's over, Google wins..

Video originally posted here.

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