The greatest motivator of all – time

(This is and excerpt from a previous article named 5 steps that will help you discover your true passion.)

Time is our biggest friend and foe. Use your given time wisely.

Look at our life as a horizontal timeline across the bottom of your computer screen. You know you will live about 75 years. That is 27,000 days no more. That is the window of opportunity that was given to you exclusively to experience this miraculously amazing thing we call life.

Every second every minute, every hour, every day, week, month, year that passes by is one less available for you to take advantage of this God given opportunity. Life is the best prize you will ever win, you already won it, you are a true champion.
The chances that you existed are 1 in trillions. To begin with, you already won a raze against 200 million spermatozoids when your daddy shoot you off into your mommy. 1 in 200 million is a hell of a victory. You were born lucky my friend.

You were given the gift of life, don’t waste it. This gift comes with an expiry date, the day you will die. This is a guarantee, you – will – die. Time is consuming you like a candle. Time is deceiving because it seems to flow slow, but every pump of your heart is one pump less you have.

Your timeline starts at the bottom left of your screen. If you are 30 you are 1/3 of the way towards your death.
You have 2/3rds left. the last 3rd you will be weaker, older, uglier.
You must make sure you do everything you can at the beginning of your timeline to have a rewarding last 3rd.

I don’t want this to sound like yet another self help book. This is my experience, this is my motivation.
I don’t know what yours will be.
I always keep the time concept in my mind. It makes me more appreciative of the moment I live in, it motivates me to do new things.

Time my friend, make sure you fill that timeline with wonderful moments because before you know it you will be no more.
Our lives are miniscule blips of impossibly low entropy.

The universe is chaos, the universe is bigger than we can even imagine or measure. They say this planet alone is 4.5 billion years old. For this Earth, 75 years is less than a fraction of a millisecond. I think is your obligation to make the most of that millisecond. Get off your ass bud!

Before continuing take a 3 min break and hear no other than the great Carl Sagan illustrate my point with this humbling video “A Pale Blue Dot“:

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