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Roger Lima – The Sound Design Master

Roger is a great example of what the digital orchestra man of the 21st century looks like.

Roger is a talented drummer, guitar, and keyboard player who has an uncanny ability to combine both his real instrument playing abilities with his digital composing ones to produce extraordinary sound tracks.

Here is one of Roger's most popular tracks, an awesome remake of the intro for HBO series "Games of Thrones":

Remember that this sound track was all created by just one [super] man, take that HBO!

You can watch the official intro HERE. A lot of YouTube commenters like Roger's version better!

Beat-demos by Roger Lima

A beat-promo or beat-demo is a type of product marketing video in which the sound track is composed by only using sounds created by operating, striking, or rubbing the showcased product with or against a variety of objects or surfaces.

In essence, the product is transformed into a musical instrument used to promote the product itself, so clever!

Here is a great example of a great beat-demo produced by Roger Lima of Whitenoiselab using a mountain bike as a percussion instrument:

Go Roger! keep rocking it out! oh yeah!!!

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