Pencilmation: 1 Million Views A Day On YouTube with Ross Bollinger

Watch this 1 hour interview to meet and be inspired by Ross Bollinger, the creative genius behind Pencilmation, a playful animated cartoon YouTube video series that has been exploding in popularity to the tune of 1 million views a day.

In this interview you’ll learn:

How Ross started animating
What inspired him to start the Pencilmation cartoon series
The production process behind each Pencilmation episode
What tools he uses the most to create animations
How he comes up with ideas for new episodes
The top trick he used to get more views on YouTube
The challenges of scaling his studio to produce more episodes
How much can you make with Youtube advertising
His plans for the future with Pencilmation

And much more!

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Pencilmation, a YouTube series where funny characters are victims of an idiosyncratic pencil

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