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New Grumo: What is Chromatik?

Chromatik is a powerful learning platform designed to help true musicians master their craft better than ever before.

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Demo video transcription:

The process of learning and performing music hasn’t changed since the days of Bach and Beethoven.
Musicians meet with their teacher once a week.
Then go back to a practice room, by themselves, with only pencil and paper in hand.
And hopefully return playing wonderful music.
Music is beautiful and the process of learning should be beautiful too.
Introducing Chromatik!
Chromatik is a powerful learning platform designed to help true musicians master their craft better than ever before. How?
No more piles of sheet music, clunky recording devices, metronomes, or tuners to carry around.
Chromatik has brought all of that to the digital world.
Now, Michael the music director can privately and securely share sheet music with his group with a flick of his finger.
Michael’s musicians can hear reference recordings, listen to lessons, and record practice sessions with Chromatik’s audio tools.
Emily can share her practice sessions with her instructor from wherever she is.
Michael can now assess Emily's playing, provide personalized insights on her performance, and even make annotations on her sheet music.
Emily then receives that feedback instantly to improve her skills.
Every annotation, recording, and piece of music is fully synced in the cloud so that Musicians can enjoy Chromatik from their tablets, smartphones, laptops, from home, at class or on the go.
It’s time to make learning music as beautiful as music itself...
Chromatik Empowering your musical journey.


Chromatik: Empowering your musical journey,, na na na naaaah!!!

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