New Grumo: PeerShip

PeerShip the first real-time peer to peer shipping experience.

Product demo video produced by Grumo Media.

Meet Daphne. Daphne needs to deliver a gorilla suit to her boyfriend across town. She could spend a fortune at the post office, or go totally out of her way trying to deliver it herself…or, she could use PeerShip! The service that lets regular people ship and deliver directly to one another.

With the PeerShip app, Daphne sets her offer and connects with someone nearby who’s willing to make the delivery. She can also get things delivered to her house like bananas or that parrot she bought on Craigslist. She just lists the item and how much she’ll pay for the delivery and waits for someone to take her up on that offer.

Now meet Chester. He’s using PeerShip to make a little extra cash and just so happens to be at the grocery store when he gets a notification that Daphne needs bananas. He accepts that offer, grabs some bananas, and makes Daphne’s delivery on his way home. The money is handled through PeerShip so that Chester receives immediate payment for the delivery and is reimbursed for the bananas.

PeerShip uses a simple rating and review system, and you can even see how many mutual friends you have with other PeerShip users. That way, Daphne knows her bananas won’t be delivered by some crazy person.

With PeerShip, it’s easy to make deliveries and receive them, so join the community, and start making cash, with PeerShip!

With PeerShip you can get anything delivered.. including parrots.. oh yeah!
With PeerShip you can get anything delivered.. including parrots.. oh yeah!

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