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You’re a doctor who needs to assess brain function.

With so few assessment tools and so many complex, overlapping functions,

you’ll need a lot of specialists to get it right.

Just getting one specialist appointment can take months of wait time and precious hours of calls and emails.

What if you could reliably assess many functions with one mobile app?

With Miro, you can.

Miro was designed and clinically validated with leading brain scientists around the country.

Our precision technology has shown the subtle effects of therapies and helped accurately identify disorders early.

Miro’s unique approach analyzes fuzzy data, like speech and movement, along with concrete data, like response time, to give you unprecedented insights.

To track patient status, you no longer have to rely on memory, you can simply compare recordings.

Data visualizations give you clear, actionable insights so you can be a doctor super-hero.

Best of all? Patients love the Miro experience so much, they want to use Miro even when they aren’t in your office.

Miro assessments are free and reimburse-able through standard CPT codes. – Precision brain healthcare

Miro is a mobile neurological assessment and care management platform

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