Learn how the Grumo Course helped Seth Price create his first demo video for his startup TurlyTag

TurlyTag - Lost and Found Made EasySeth Price, one of my first Grumo Course students, created this cute promo video for his recently launched startup TurlyTag.

It makes me very happy to see that by sharing my knowledge I can help almost anyone get the basic skills required to produce a video that will help them promote their product and increase conversions on their web pages.

I was going to explain what TurlyTag is but, hey! there is nothing better than a cute demo video to explain it. So here it is, TurlyTag for you explained the Grumo way!:

My favourite part is when a the guy that finds her phone turns to be a “bad guy”, hahaha! the illustration is hilarious check it out again.

Oh no! a bad guy found my phone!

Seth was kind enough to share with us how the Grumo Course helped him and how was the process of creating his first demo video ever:

How did my course help you?
Helped my clarify a voice for the video. Gave me very concrete technical advice on how to write the script, how to record the voiceover, how to look for talent and how to edit. Lastly, it gave me the confidence to think that I could write a script and create this project.

What did you like the most about the course?
The script writing and audio recording instruction.

How long did it take you make?
Start to finish about 6 weeks. But that is not hours spent. I would say about 65 man hours between myself and the animator. Animation took about 45 of those hours and included early mockups and storyboarding.

How much did you spend?
My time, priceless yet free, the animator, which I found on craigslist: $900, your course: $115, also priceless.

What was the hardest part?
Getting the script clear, concise and interesting to listen to.

What was the simplest part?
Amazingly, the voiceover. Once the script was complete, I just kept reading it out loud and it helped me to edit.
I then made some early recordings and shared them with friends to get feedback. That also helped me to edit.

How did you record the voice over?
I used recorder pro on my iphone and your blanket trick. Worked like a charm.

How did you find about Grumo?
Watched the Hipmunk video and loved it.

How did you come up with the idea for TurlyTag?
I left a laptop at airport security and have a really difficult time getting it back. I thought there had to be a better way.

Seth is one of the many self funded entrepreneurs that could not afford thousands of dollars for a custom demo video and turned to my course to learn the skills to produce one himself.

If you want to learn to create your own demo videos like Seth did just go to http://grumoschool.com and start learning today!

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7 thoughts on “Learn how the Grumo Course helped Seth Price create his first demo video for his startup TurlyTag

  1. Turly Tag Reply

    Nik Sardos did the animation on this video and I owe him a big shout out.  He made it really simple, he got my idea right away, came up with fantastic mockups and helped me tweak the story so he could create the storyboard. All the character visuals are his creation. I would jump at the opportunity to work with him again. Thanks Nik http://niksardos.com/

  2. Tyler Foo Reply

    I think I would be more glued to the video if there were some music with it.

    • Seth Price Reply

      I couldn’t decide. The music seemed to be a bit distracting. I might add it as I get more viewing stats. Wistia is hosting the video and they have great video analyltics that help you see viewer engagement and some nice visuals to help figure out where viewing drops off. http://wistia.com/product/tour

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Well done Seth, loved it! much success with your service!

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