Want to become a Grumer?

Grumo Media contracts motion designers, script writers, illustrators, and sound designers from all parts of the world.

Grumo is growing very fast and needs great artists to help produce awesome demo videos for the world.

If you think you have the skills and passion to help us produce top content please apply at using the form below.

Thanks to all applicants.
We can’t wait make you part of the growing Grumo Family!

Desired Skills and Experience:

If you are applying as an animator you should be able to storyboard, illustrate, and animate in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Flash,  and/or Cinema 4D to create great and original characters and assets for 1-2 min demo videos.

We only select highly skilled, passionate artists that love what they do and can work very fast with almost no supervision. We pay top rates in the industry for reliable and driven professionals.

All contractors can work remotely so a fast Internet connection is imperative.

Please apply to Grumo using the form below:

  • A link to samples of your best work
  • Select what position you are applying for.
  • Tell us why you are so awesome and why do you want to work for Grumo Media.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


About Grumo:

Grumo Media is an interactive media agency located in Vancouver, British Columbia providing video, motion graphics, and digital cinematography production services to ad agencies, corporate clients, and the entertainment industry. Fusing strategic thinking with progressive design and new technologies, our focused approach to business challenges result in unique creative solutions that are innovative and meaningful. (In other words, we are awesome :))

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