How to Create an Awesome Demo Video in Keynote

Professional animation software like After Effects, Flash, or Maya is expensive and too complex to learn.
I know because many of my previous students struggled learning how to animate in After Effects.

Well, It turns out that you can do about 90% the same with just Keynote!
Don’t believe it? I actually went ahead and recreated one of our most popular demo videos to date (PadMapper) entirely in Keynote
Check this video comparing the original After Effects version versus the Keynote one:

In this new course I’ll teach you how to animate in Keynote using the PadMapper video as an example.
Keynote is the Mac version of PowerPoint and it is very cheap and super simple to use, but comes with a great set of animation tools.

We will go over the entire production process, from how to write an effective script that is fun, concise and sells, all the way to how to publish your video for maximum impact.

In 10 hours of video content and 84 lectures we will cover:

  • How to write an awesome script
  • How to storyboard your script
  • How to record voice over
  • How to illustrate in Keynote
  • How to animate in Keynote
  • How to edit your animation
  • How to add sound effects
  • How to pick a music track
  • How to export/publish your video

In a few hours you will learn everything you need to produce an awesome demo video, will save thousands of dollars by doing it yourself, and will have fun in the process.

You my dear readers can take the course here for 50% off using the coupon GRUMO50OFF:


Let’s do it!

PS: Do you enjoy my courses? would you like me to teach anything in particular?
Just let me know in the comments or email me at Gracias!

Miguel wearing a tuke with a logo sticker on it.. eh!

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  • yup. Used keynote for everything early on. It’s still the fastest way to get a rough concept out.

    • Ben you are very awesome. Thanks for posting here and keep the magic coming!

  • dennis

    If i buy the course is it possible to download and keep for future reference or watch offline?

    • Hi Dennis, yes you will be able to keep the tutorial for eternity and beyond! 🙂

  • Oscar

    Para cuando en Español?

    • Hola Oscar,
      De momento solo esta en inglis pero cuando tenga algo de tiempo libre hare una version en castellano!

  • Howard

    Hi Miguel,

    Does your Keynote course contain any material relating to the updated/current version of Keynote 6.0.1?

    Many thanks – Howard