How to Become a Life Coach by Tina Stith-Twine

Tina Stith-Twine from shares with us her experience creating her first udemy course after taking Grumo’s online teaching course:

Tina-coach_imageWhy did you decide to create an online course?
I had purchased online courses through Udemy in the past. I was thoroughly impressed that anyone could teach a course. Therefore, I decided to create an online course because I wanted to reach masses of people in a virtual online setting.

How did you choose the topic of the course?
I am a certified life coach. I want to teach and inform people of all the possibilities of becoming a life coach.

What is the purpose of this course?
The purpose of this course is to teach the fundamentals and foundations of coaching via a video versus standing in front of small number of students. My goal is to reach thousands of students globally.

How did you find time to produce it?
Currently, I’m unemployed hence time was not an issue producing the course. I would produce the videos when my husband left for work and my teenage nephew left for school. Therefore, I was able to do the recording at home alone without any distractions from anyone.

How long did it take you to put it together?
It took a total of two months to put the videos together. The first set of videos I produced had poor lighting and my audio sounded terrible. However, I submitted it to Udemy and they offered some great suggestions. During that time, I stumbled across your course and bought it. In your course, I learned a lot of things I needed to be doing in order to enhance the quality and sound of my videos. After, redoing all 40 videos again I resubmitted it to Udemy and it was approved the second time.

What was the hardest thing to do?
The hardest thing to do was the lightning. I had to learn how to set the lights; therefore, I wouldn’t have any shadows in the videos.

What was the simplest thing to do?
The simplest thing to do was projecting my voice once I purchased the Lavalier microphone.

How did you determine the price of the course?
I researched other life coaching and consultation courses on Udemy, read Udemy blogs about pricing the course, and researched my competition by visiting their websites and finding out how long they have been coaching and the prices they offer for services/products.

What is your marketing strategy to promote it?
I use FB ads, boost post on FB, Twitter, my personal FB page by offering free and promotional discounts, and REDDIT coupons.

What software did you use?
Camtasia Video Editing/Recording for Mac.

What hardware did you use? (camera, microphone, lights, etc.)
I bought a studio lightning kit from Amazon, 100 watt Ecosmart light bulbs from Home Depot, camera on my Mac computer, and Audio-Technica ATR 3350 Lavalier Omnidirectional Condenser Microphone by Audio Technica.

What was the part the Grumo course help you the most with?
The part of the course which helped me the most was using WordPress to promote your course. When you discussed promoting the course on your WordPress website, how to create protected pages for your course and using Vimeo versus YouTube for having privacy with your videos. I had been trying to figure out how to do all of those things and I couldn’t find any information on the Internet until I bought your course.

What other resources have you used to make your course?
Powerpoint presentation, videoscribe, YouTube video and my online coaching business.

Please add anything else you’d think it would be cool for people to know about you and your course.
I am a certified life coach who want to help people live their lives to its maximum potential. The course “How to Become a Life Coach and Get Paid” teaches you all the fundamentals and foundation of becoming a life coach and starting your own life coaching business.

Thank you Tina for taking my course and the time to answer these questions!

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