Grumo Media Trailers

We’ve put together our first 30 sec trailer ad for Grumo Media.
It is made of a series of shots from some of our most fun projects with my voice explaining what we do in a few words.
Picking the right music for a video is always a challenge and in this case we chose two different tracks.

One track is more classical and relaxed so you can hear better the quirky home made sound effects in the background.
The other track is more epic and energetic and carries the voice over so well that it makes the ad fun even if you were only listening to the ad with your eyes closed.

Which one do you prefer?

Here is the relaxed version:

Here is the energetic version:

Here is the voiceover script:

We make the boring – fun
the dull – colorful
the complex – simple
the scary – friendly
Life is too short for long words
so we remove the fluff, get to the point
and share what makes you.. special
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10 thoughts on “Grumo Media Trailers

  1. Moloy Reply

    I did not like any of these..neither the music nor the graphics. I understand that you have tried to pick different shots from several of your projects but at the end of the day the overall graphic style is not in sync. The voice-over is horrible.

  2. James Reply

    I dont know, but I like the 1st video instead, gives me kinda suspense feeling

  3. Dave H Reply

    Hey Miguel, these videos are both really great! I felt the first one had more personality, I was more engaged with what was going on on-screen. Both were super awesome though. 🙂

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