What is Pointkit?

PointKit is an unusually simple yet surprisingly powerful online task managing, time tracking and invoicing service that helps freelancers, contractors, and small teams become more productive and get paid faster.

Pointkit goal was to be a more advanced alternative to Basecamp by offering a very comprehensive time tracking and invoicing module.

Pointkit was my first attempt at creating a web based SAAS startup. It took 1.5 years to build just by myself. Eventually I ran out of resources and had to stop development. Anyone can register for free still.

You can read more about the lessons I learned from this entrepreneurial failure HERE.

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4 thoughts on “What is Pointkit?

  1. Dan K Reply

    Miguel at what point did you decide to pull the plug on this project?  It looks solid to me.  I’m getting back into the game of entrepreneurship and this bit of advice would be helpful.

    • Grumo Media Reply

      Hi Dan, thanks for checking Grumo!
      There 3 main factors that made me decide stop working on PointKit:
      1. Got tired, lost interest because I did not really have a passion for project management software.
      2. A saturated market with hundreds of competitors with a lot more resources. I was just one guy trying to beat Goliath!
      3. Run out of money.
      Lessons learned:
      1. Only work on stuff you are passionate about.
      2. Research your market and competition before spending lots of money and time in developing your product.
      3. If you are going to tackle a very competitive market make sure you have lots of money on the bank to hire a top notch team and to spend big dollars on advertising.
      As an individual with little resources is suicidal to try to enter a very competitive market. Pick a small niche with little competition and where to make a difference you don’t need huge resources.
      And again, whatever you pick make sure you are passionate about because the road ahead is long, treacherous and not for the faint of heart.
      There you go, good luck Dan!

      • Dan K Reply

        Hi Miguel, thanks for the thorough response. I had a similar experience with my start up failure but now, am wiser. BTW, I found you through your WordPress class. I’m about half way through and it’s great!

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