Learn everything about Charts with Excel – Grumo Student course

Andreas Exadaktylos took Grumo’s teaching course and learned to create his own courses.
His first course teaches how to master charts in Excel and it has already over 500 students.

Andreas shared with us a bit about the experience creating his first course on Udemy:

1. Why did you decide to create an online course?

For over 15 years I am working on education in my own computer school (and I still do the same). With online education however you can spread your knowledge quickly and you can affect more people.

2. How did you choose the topic of the course?

Excel is one of the topics that I know enough and teach for over 14 years. It’s also one of my favorite software programs. These are the main reasons.

3. What is the purpose of this course?

To help students learn everything about Excel charts, creating amazing dynamic charts. From my experience charts are an extremely important Excel topic and helped my students to find better jobs, because many, many companies use Excel very often.

4. How did you find time to produce it?

If you really want to do something you can find the time. It motivates you to wake up earlier or sleep late.

5. How long did it take you to put it together?

Almost two months

6. What was the hardest thing to do?

It was the script. I had to write every word (not only the important parts of my course). I’ll have closed captions in my course very soon. They are important for me because they are open up your content to a larger audience, including deaf or hard of hearing viewers or those who speak other languages

7. How did you determine the price of the course?

I wanted a very reasonable and affordable price

8. What software did you use?

I used Camtasia Studio 8 and of course Excel ! 🙂

9. What hardware did you use? (camera, microphone, lights, etc.)

I used Snowball microphone from Blue and a Logitech HD web camera

10. What was the part the Grumo course help you the most with?

Almost all but most of all the tips of how to create an intro-presentation and how to promote a course

11. What other resources have you used to make your course?

Some suggestions from other instructors through Udemy Studio

12. Please add anything else you’d think it would be cool for people to know about you and your course.

For me it’s very important to update the course regularly with new content and new lectures. It gives value to your course and your students are happy. It also helps you standing out from the competition.

I would like to thank Miguel for giving me the opportunity to talk about myself as a new instructor

I have made exclusively a discount coupon for Grumo Media website . You can take the course for only 9$! (until 31th of January).

The coupon code is: GRUMO9 and the link is:


Thank you again Miguel and I wish you a Happy New Year!!!


Thank you Andreas for taking my course and for sharing with other students a bit about the process of creating your own course!

Become an Excel chart master with Andreas course
Become an Excel chart master with Andreas course

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