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Discover the 10 Most Popular Styles for Startup Promo Videos

When you finally decide to get a demo video to promote your startup you will be faced with a number of styles to choose from.

Click on the styles from this list to view some samples of the 10 most popular promotional video styles:

  1. 2D Animation
  2. 2.5D Animation
  3. 3D Animation
  4. Live Action
  5. Infographic
  6. Screencast
  7. Live Stop Motion
  8. Digital Stop Motion
  9. Whiteboard
  10. Phone/Tablet App

2D Animation

2D animation is one of the most popular startup video styles because its relative simplicity and affordability. Typical price range is $5K-$10K per minute.

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2.5D Animation

2.5D animation combines 2D and 3D elements in the same animation.
Sometimes all the elements can be 2D but are animated within a 3D environment to give the animation some additional depth. Typical price range is $7K-$15K per minute.

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3D Animation

In 3D animation most or all elements are three dimensional which can make the animation considerably more complex to animate and substantially more expensive.
Typical price range is $10K-$30K per minute.

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Live Action

In pure live action demo videos all footage has been recorded using a video camera in the real world. Some titles or effects may be added in post-production to enhance the final video.
The need for real live actors, locations, props, film crew and extensive post production can make live action videos very expensive.
Typical price range is varies a lot $5K-$100K+ per minute.

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Infographic demo videos are a type of 2D animation that relies heavily in typography by advancing a virtual camera over words, numbers and images in a fluid motion.
Typical price range is $5K-$15K per minute.

Here is an original example of infographic style music video using kinetic typography.

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Many startups create their own screencasts because they are the cheapest demo videos you can produce. Typical price range is varies a lot $0-$500.
All you need is some screen recording software like Camtasia or Screenflow and a microphone.
With a little bit of patience and imagination you can make them pretty cool and effective.

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Live Stop Motion

Live stop motion demo videos are the most tedious type of video to produce.
Every frame is photographed separately so the scene can be adjusted slightly in between takes.
It can take weeks to produce a 1 min stop motion demo but the final results can be amazing.
Typical price range is $20K-$40K per minute.

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Digital Stop Motion

Digital Stop Motion uses the sample principle as live stop motion except that everything happens within a digital environment.
Typical price range is $10K-$30K per minute.

This DropBox video uses a combination of stop motion animated photographs an 2D motion graphics.

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RSA Animate has made stop motion whiteboard demo videos world wide popular with their beautifully crafted inspirational pieces. Typical price range is $30K-$100K per minute.

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Phone/Tablet App

With millions of iPhone, Android, iPad and smartphone and tablet apps available the need for demo videos showcasing them has increased exponentially over the last few years.
Typical price range is $2K-$7K per minute.

Here is a very basic iPhone app demo video (range is $2K-$7K per minute):

And here is an app demo video that includes strong live action components (range is $7K-$15K+ per minute):

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At Grumo we specialize in 2D, 2.5D, and 3D demo videos.
To get your own grumo startup demo video CLICK HERE.

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  • Really great blog post and overview! With 2D animation you can also make the difference between Cartoon Style and Photo Style.

  • User

    helpful post, although prices actually sometimes go much higher than that, like Google offers, which is actually done entirely in 3D.

  • Fantastic post, been searching for hours for the correct name for the text promo videos, got everything here that i needed. Jordan @ The T Shirt Man

  • AJ

    Foodzai has one of the best I saw:

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  • John

    Prices also go much lower if you shop around. Look on Craigslist and university art departments for folks who can do a great job for much less. Naturally it’s a bit more work to make sure you get a quality product, you of some of these prices are correct, it will save you tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Really Awesome styles. Especially Infographic video is very impressive. Its telling “the power of the girl effect” in a great way.

  • Thanks for this post, really inspiring. But : wow ! We don’t have that kind of price in France ! It’s much cheaper here. If you need stuff like that, you can ask us on our website Tytanprod dot com

  • Rollo Wenlock

    Here’s a new one for you:

  • Ryan

    Still love dollar shave club the best! I guess mine falls into ‘infographic’

    • Ryan

      Just adding the video as a sample… the app isn’t launched yet so you wont find it in the app store 🙂 more info if you want at

  • Awesome post thanks for telling about the best way to do a promo video in my opinion infographic is a best way to promote the startup.