New Grumo: Chain App

Explainer demo video produced by Grumo Media.

[A man is walking down a path when suddenly a wacky guy pops out of the bushes.]
[The man look a little confused.]

WACKY GUY: Hey you! Have you heard about the latest and greatest video
sharing app called Chain?

WACKY GUY: Check it out…Chain lets you record a short video like this—
[The wacky guy takes out his phone and starts recording a video.]

WACKY GUY [speaking to his phone]: What is your favorite food?

WACKY GUY: And other people can record a response, adding to the chain. [Close up on the phone, video responses begin to appear.]

USER #1: My favorite food is pizza.

USER #2: I like tacos!

USER #3: Braiinnssssss.

WACKY GUY: You can make a chain public or private, and share videos from
things like parties, games, weddings, anything!

WACKY GUY: Just record a video and add it to a chain. It’s so easy even my
pets are using it!

[Dog and cat responses appear in a Chain.]

PETS: Woof woof! Meow! Baaahh.

USER #1: Chain.

USER #2: Chain!

USER #3: Chaaaiiinnn…

WACKY GUY: The app that lets you organize and share videos.

Create video chains with your friends with the Chain app.. oh yeah!
Create video chains with your friends with the Chain app.. oh yeah!

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