Audible: 5 Steps to help you discover your true passion

I just started to listening to audiobooks on and I love it!

Listening to a book as opposed to reading feels very relaxing and it frees you to do other things while learning new stuff.

I specially recommend listening to audiobooks while driving, commuting, waiting on a lineup, or when taking a break.

Today, listening to a book reminded me that a few months ago I thought it would be cool to record some of my most popular blog posts with my own voice.

When I started Grumo I did not have any content so for some time I used to write about things that felt important to me and most of the time totally unrelated to the demo videos we produce.

One of those articles is called “5 Steps to help you discover your true passion

And for the first time in Grumo history now it can be also listened to!

You can download the MP3 file HERE

It is 20 mins long and in it I share a lot of personal advice and personal experiences.

Hope you like it!

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4 thoughts on “Audible: 5 Steps to help you discover your true passion

  1. Pedram Daraeizadeh Reply

    “5 Steps to help you discover your true passion” was one of the first articles I read when I found out about Grumo and it is nice to hear it now naturally with your own voice.

  2. Molina Reply

    Me gusto como compartes tus experiencias y los concejos que nos das. GRACIAS. Pero no pude evitar dejar de notar que repetías varias palabras en ingles para corregir tu acento, podrías hacer otro audio en español para que no nos distraiga eso?
    Keep up the good work my friend

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