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New Grumo: Microsoft ALM

Microsoft Visual Studio already has all the tools you need to fine tune your company’s ALM engine so you can get ahead again and win the race! Demo video produced by Your ultimate goal is to produce great applications, make users happy, and make profits, right? However, no matter how hard you try, your […]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Know what I love about my job? Setting aggressive sales goals, then working with my team to achieve them. And thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we’re turning into selling machines. We can review our pipeline, update proposals, and collaborate on sales presentations wherever we are. And preparing for a sales call is a breeze! Access […]

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Why the Windows 8 demo video is a low-budget YouTube success

Microsoft just released a demo video for the long awaited Windows 8 OS. I think the video is very simple, low budget, but effective. Also It is very surprising that a multi-billion corporation would not spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a video for such an important product. However, seeing that it already has […]