In today’s live (and first ever) Grumo Live broadcast Miguel will reveal the unique strategies he used to launch Grumo Media.
It all started with one email.. the one million dollar email!

Press the PLAY button to watch the replay.

To chat live watch the stream directly on YouTube here:

PS: Please note that the live stream comes with a delay of about 8 seconds.

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13 thoughts on “Grumo Live Broadcast: The One Million Dollar Email

  1. Rusty Reply

    Miguel you know you always help me … so inspirational .. such a great mentor … Thank you 🙂

  2. Dr Eike B. Post Reply

    “Strategic gifting” seems a bit like corruption : you give a gift to a person of power, in order to have him not pay “quid-pro-quo” but instead share his influence with you. Interesting talk! Good job for a first time presenter!

    • Miguel Hernandez Reply

      Dr Eike, I agree I was not very happy with that title either that’s why I promoted it as the “One Million Dollar Email”.
      Thanks for sharing your feedback and watching my talk!

  3. Rafael Echeverria Reply

    Genial Historia! Muy buena, conectando los puntos.


    Miguel genio y figura! Muy buena estrategia como lavida misma.
    Ondo segi

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