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Video: The Secret History of Silicon Valley by Steve Blank

In this video serial entrepreneur Steve Blank takes us on a exhilarating ride through the history of Silicon Valley. The talk is an hour long but Steve made it seem short thanks to his great storytelling skills. Learn how the race for technological innovation during WW2 was one of the major forces to kick start […]

Becoming a great storyteller – Jack Dorsey (Twitter/Square)

In this inspiring 1 hour talk Square and Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey shares the path and motivations that led him to create Twitter and more recently Square. Jack emphasizes how great storytelling is very important for companies to build great products and how as CEO of Square he makes use of what he calls “user […]

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Inspiration: The Girl Effect

This is the kind of stuff I want to help produce. Simple, powerful, emotional, beautiful, and viral. Do you have a great concept for a great cause that can help this world become a better place? Grumo is listening.. Thanks to Richard Miles for pointing out this awesome video to me. Visit the original site […]

Video: 7 Billion People By National Geographic

This is a great example of a video using mostly text, data, and numbers to beautifully illustrate strong facts about population and the imbalance of global resources to the tune of a great track.

The greatest motivator of all – time

(This is and excerpt from a previous article named 5 steps that will help you discover your true passion.) Look at our life as a horizontal timeline across the bottom of your computer screen. You know you will live about 75 years. That is 27,000 days no more. That is the window of opportunity that […]

Passions fade and why that is a good thing

(This is and excerpt from a previous article named 5 steps that will help you discover your true passion.) I don’t think all passions are timeless, they do fade away and that is good, we evolve and our passions do too. For some reason the romantic part of us loves the forever and ever happy […]

5 steps that will help you discover your true passion

This post is an answer to Sebastian Marshall’s article Passion Emerges From Action, Not Contemplation. At the end of his post Sebastian says: “Miguel! I’d love to hear your take on narrowing down your passions sometime since I know you’re working on fascinating stuff.” Well here is the answer: Note: this is a long article. […]