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New Grumo Student Demo Video: Chord Board

Joseph Johnston needed a unique and effective way to promote his Kickstarter campaign for a very nifty tool for musicians called Chord Board. After a bit of searching he stumbled upon our animation course at Grumo Media and produced a series a cool demo videos. Here is one of them: Joseph was so kind as […]

Another Happy Grumo Student: Ready Real Estate

Andrea took both our Demo Video course and our WordPress course and created her first website all by herself for Ready Real Estate. Here is her demo video and below it a very nice Thank You email from her! Hi Miguel: So‚Ķthere was this little real estate company who REALLY wanted a website for agents […]

New Grumo Student Explainer: App Interactives

Grumo Student Alexa Davis just shared with us her demo video creation for her startup App Interactives. At App Interactives they identify, design, develop and deploy custom mobile applications that build brand loyalty. Check it out! Alexa shares a bit about the production of her first demo video: How long did it take to put […]

New Grumo Student Demo Video: VoteMyLink

Beverley Eve took our demo video course and produced the following explainer video for her new startup VoteMyLink. Beverley explains how was the process of creating her first demo video with the help of animator James Williams: How long did it take to put together? It took us about a week to do the course […]

New Grumo Student Promo Video: Anat Gotfried

Anat Gotfried took our Grumo demo video course and created her own demo video to stand out among all the applicants to get into Booth’s MBA program. She got accepted and admissions told her they loved her video! Here is a bit about how Anat put together her first demo video: How long did it […]

New Grumo Student Explainer Video: ChickenScratch

Rudy Joseph is a talented digital media designer that took our animation course to learn more about the magic behind our Grumo demo videos, and sure he did! Here is a fantastic demo video Rudy produced after taking the Grumo course: Rudy shares with us a bit on the process of creating this awesome demo […]

New Grumo Student Demo Video:

Grumo Student Mike McAllen just launched a new startup called AVforPlanners and after taking our demo video animation course he produced this gem of an animation to explain his startup: Mike was kind enough to share a bit with us about how he produced his first demo video: How long did it take to put […]

New Grumo Student Awesome Demo Video:

Sean McLellan is a professional wedding photographer and just launched an awesome wedding photographer referral platform called So how does Kudize work? to explain it Sean turned to our popular demo video animation course and in just one week he produced the following masterpiece with zero animating experience before: Here is a nice testimonial […]

New Grumo Student Explainer Video:

Here is new demo video that Frederik Lamote created for his awesome new service Romantify after taking our animation course. Finding and organizing a romantic experience results in a lot of unnecessary organisational hassle. Romantify takes the troubles out of finding and organizing you the perfect romantic experience, so there’s no more excuses! How long […]

New Grumo Student Explainer Video: Aprenda Marketing

Paulo Fernandes is an entrepreneur from Brazil that took our Grumo animation course to promote his startup Aprenda Marketing. Here is Paulo’s demo video entirely done by himself. Paulo shares how was the process of creating his first demo video: How long did it take to put together? I spent around 2 weeks to produce […]

New Grumo Student Demo Video:

Here is a new demo video from Grumo Student Liam O’Dea for his new startup called Check below to find out in great detail how the Grumo Animation course help Liam create his first demo video from scratch. Liam explains how was the process of producing his first explanatory video: How long did it […]

New Grumo Student Product Demo Video:

Jonathan Surinx a happy Grumo student created an awesome demo video for his startup Olumpo which allows you to find sport partners based on your sport level, your style and your availability. Check Jonathan’s explainer video out! So you know where to go next time you need a sports partner! All this on your preferred […]

New Grumo Student Explainer Demo Video:

Nick Navatta is one of my favourite Grumo Students and just shared a video he created for one of his clients Check the video out, soo cool! Nick explains a little bit of the process involved in creating this awesome demo video: How long did it take to put together? The video, as a […]

New Grumo Student explainer video:

Alistair Gallop and his partner Lee Fuller just sent me what I think is the best executed demo video from a Grumo student so far. I mean, if they were not working on their awesome new startup SocialBizzle, I had to hire them to do videos for Grumo! Here is their awesometastic demo video: I […]

Great Keynote demo video sample by LabZip (FREE source files included)

Here is another great Keynote demo video produced by Spencer Forman for a special holiday promotion for LabZip. Stick after the video for an in depth explanation of how this video was put together in just 2 days! So what is the story behind this explanatory video? How long did it take to put together? […]