Get the most out of Office 365 with TeacherDashboard... oh yeah!

New Grumo Student Demo Video: Teacher Dashboard by Szilvia Beky

It’s my pleasure to publish yet another great demo video from one of my animation students. This time Szilvia Beky created an animation for an application called Teacher Dashboard which helps teachers get the most out of Microsoft Office 365. Here it is the video: Here is a bit of background on how Szilvia produced[…]

This microbe made the cover of Times... but was it happy?

The Life of a Microbe – Animation by Grumo Student Sonny Mickelson

Sonny Mickelson took the Grumo animation course and produced this awesome animation about the life and tribulations of a lonely microbe. Sonny Mickelson is a Sydney-based writer with a sideline in silly stories. On her blog’s about page she writes: “Sonny Mickelson is an enigmatic figure, shrouded in mystery and known to very few. Currently[…]

FrogQuest - Photo Scavenger Hunts

FrogQuest demo video by Grumo Student – Chris Geirman

Chris Geirman took the Grumo animation course and produced this awesome explainer for his startup FrogQuest. Chris shares with us how was his experience producing his first demo video ever: Hey Miguel, Thanks for the high-spirited well wishes. It was actually a really fun project, and you gave me the confidence (and the know how)[…]

SlidesAcademy: Training for conference speakers.

New Grumo Student Demo Video: Slides Academy

Grumo student Frédéric Bellier shares with us his first demo video for Slides Academy which provides training for conference speakers. If you speak French this video will make a lot more sense. But if you don’t you can still appreciate Frédéric’s nice illustrations and animation: The video was animated using Keynote using guidance from our[…]

Demo video producido por Carlos

Video Demo de Carlos Alvarez

Carlos Alvarez tomó nuestro curso de animación y en cuatro semanas ya pudo producir su primer video demostrativo animado para un cliente en México. Aquí podéis ver como quedó su obra maestra. Productor: Carlos Alvarez, Director General de Comunicación Idea & Media. Locutor: Rene Navarro, conductor de un TV show en México. Ilustrador: Javier Parra,[…]

Wayki, Wayki! brush your teeth or you'll become a toothless mounstro!

Grumo Student Explainer: Wayki – Alarm Clock Toothbrush

Created by British entrepreneur David Hawkins, Wayki is the world’s first alarm clock toothbrush. David needed an effective way to promote his unique product and decided to produce an elaborate animated explanation video all by himself. After doing a lot of research online he stumbled upon our animation course and ended up creating this cool[…]