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A past client explains why hiring Grumo was a great investment

At Grumo we'll take good care of your hard earned $$$

We love to work with startups but unfortunately many of them cannot afford a professionally made explainer video and have difficulty understanding why they cost so much to produce. In this 3 min video you’ll hear one of our happy customers explain in detail why hiring Grumo to produce their video was a very worthwhile […]

Ashton Kutcher tweets his love for Grumo


Just one day after I posted my latest grumo for the awesome Ashton Kutcher posted on his Twitter: “this might be my favorite instructional video ever…”. Here is the screenshot of the Tweet: At the time Ashton tweeted about my video he had just over 6 million followers. Within 5 hours that tweet […]

How to Create an Awesome Demo Video the Grumo Way


After creating several successful demo videos I have learned great techniques to produce awesome explanatory videos with very little budget. I have also learned that most startups cannot afford to spend $3k to $10K to have a professional video produced. This saddens me because every startup can tremendously benefit from having a great demo video […]

Thank You Message from Grumo CEO

Thank you Grumo Fans!

After one year in business Grumo has gathered over 500 loyal and awesome Facebook fans. On behalf of the Grumo team I want to thank all of you for having joined the Grumo family, including our dear clients, Grumo students, friends, and every single one of you. Especial thanks go to my two most loyal […]

How to create a great product demo video using Keynote


So need you a video to promote your startup but don’t have enough budget hire a studio to produce a custom demo video. No problem, here is how you can use Keynote to create a great looking demo video and save thousands of dollars. Other than your time and the cost of the software (less […]

Here is proof that landing page videos rock – inDinero doubles conversion rates

inDinero_Screen_shot_02, the online financial dashboard for businesses created by 21 year old Silicon Valley wunderkid Jessica Mah, has come forward with some hard evidence that using video on their homepage has helped double their conversion rates. inDinero has spent two months doing rigorous split testing between a more traditional landing page design and a page […]

How To Create Videos That Get You Customers – Mixergy Interview with Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media


Last week I had the great honor to be interviewed by the great Andrew Warner on his show. Andrew has interviewed hundreds of very successful entrepreneurs and visionaries, among them Paul Graham, Jimmy Wales, Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk and many more. I have been a total fan of Andrew’s interviews for over a year […]

Why every website needs a great explanatory video


Video on the web is a hot trend on the Internet today. Not just pure video for entertainment such us cute kitty videos or fart videos, but promotional videos as well. In fact, almost every website in this world can benefit from a short concise explanatory video. A lot of people create their own demo […]

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Step by step guide to produce a promo video

Drawing hands by Escher

Listen to this article read by Miguel Hernandez, Grumo’s CEO HERE: Producing a 1-1.5 min animated promotional video takes more effort than meets the eye. What millions can enjoy during those fleeting seconds of informational entertainment it is actually the result of several weeks of hard work. How hard really depends on the complexity and […]

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Testimonial: Shalendra Chhabra –


Here is a video testimonial for Grumo Media by Shalendra Chhabra, Director of Marketing at Grumo Media has produced three demo videos for Indix: Indix – Retailers: Indix – Brands: Indix – Mission: And here is the first demo video we produced for Shalendra when he was working at Clipboard before […]

Testimonial for Grumo Media by Shervin Enayati of


Shervin Enayati of providing a brief testimonial about his experience working with Grumo Media. Related links: LazyMeal demo video by Grumo Check out other testimonials by happy Grumo clients

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Making online food ordering fun and easy – with Shervin Enayati of LazyMeal


This interview is part of a new series called Startup Stories where Miguel Hernandez uncovers remarkable entrepreneurial stories behind some of Grumo’s past clients. In this interview Shervin Enayati explains how LazyMeal is making food ordering for delivery and pickup easier, faster and fun. You will learn how they came up with the original idea, […]

New Grumo:


Explainer demo video produced by Grumo Media. It’s time to build your dream home! At you’ll be able to find the ideal home to build from a huge library of plans submitted by award winning designers and architects. Start by browsing “collections” of hand picked plans like best “eco-friendly plans, or styles like “craftsman” […]

From Zero to having 31 schools implementing her financial education platform for kids – with Maritza Lanas of Agent Piggy


This interview is part of a new series called Startup Stories where Miguel Hernandez uncovers remarkable entrepreneurial stories behind some of Grumo’s past clients. In this interview you’ll learn how Agent Piggy is helping thousands of kids develop invaluable financial skills, why Maritza became an entrepreneur, how she got capital for her startup, what is […]

New Grumo: Backerkit

Backerkit - the end of your crowdfunding campaign nightmares

BackerKit – the all-in-one solution that lets you take charge of your crowdfunded project. Explainer demo video produced by You’ve done it! You’ve reached your goal thanks to hundreds, if not thousands of backers. But this is when it dawns on you. Raising money was the easy part. Now all of these people are […]

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Revolutionazing the self-storage industry – Interview with Sam Rosen of MakeSpace


This interview is part of a new series called Startup Stories where Miguel Hernandez uncovers remarkable entrepreneurial stories behind some of Grumo’s past clients. In this interview you’ll learn why Sam became an entrepreneur, why he created MakeSpace, how he was able to get a cheque to fund MakeSpace from the first investor he pitched, […]

How ZappyLab is supercharging scientific research – with Lenny Teytelman


This interview is part of a new series called Startup Stories where Miguel Hernandez uncovers remarkable entrepreneurial stories behind some of Grumo’s past clients. Why should you watch this interview According to today’s guest, Lenny Teytelman, any given time there are over 20 scientists around the world working on the same problem. How do you […]

New Grumo: SolveBoard

We live in a complex world. SolveBoard helps you make sense of it.. yeah!

SolveBoard – a simpler way to organize, share and present information or ideas…your way! Solveboard’s mission is to blend functionality with simplicity. We provide our customers with simple solutions to organize and access information you need, and communicate it with others. Demo video produced by Grumo Media.

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New Grumo: SocialSu

SocialSu - The People's Search Engine

Demo video produced by Grumo Media SocialSu is a straightforward search engine for the people by the people. All links are added by real warm blooded homo sapiens not cold hearted spider bots. Results are ranked by people’s real opinions not by complex and inscrutable ranking algorithms (which get continuously updated.. right Panda and Penguin?) […]

Wait List Ordering

Wait List Ordering: takes the wait out of waiting.. oh yeah!

Wait List Ordering – a patented process that allows customers to preorder appetizers, entrees and drinks while they wait. Demo video produced by Grumo Media. As a restaurant owner you make money by having a full house each night. You could make even more if you had more seats. But you can’t. Because you don’t. […]

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Books Films Bands: our first app is here!


Today I’m very proud to announce the official launch of our first app to the world! The app is called Books Films Bands. It’s a dead simple tool to help you keep track of – you guessed it – books, films, and bands (duh..). Go and download it for free here and let us know […]

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Indix (mission)

Indix - The world’s broadest and deepest product database is the world’s broadest and deepest product database. Demo video produced by Grumo Media. Welcome to the era of pervasive commerce where every interaction in the physical world or on the web is an opportunity to inform, educate and buy or sell products and services. Where every app is product aware and hyper-personalized to […]

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How to build your brand the Grumo Way – Interview by The Business Growth Podcast

Spencer Shaw interviewing Miguel via Skype on Jan 28th, 2014

Spencer Shaw from The Business Growth Podcast interviewed me about how I started and grew Grumo Media and its brand. We covered a lot of interesting topics. Among them I talk about affordable strategies to validate a business, content marketing, how I chose the name Grumo, teaching on Udemy, writing an effective demo video script, […]