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A past client explains why hiring Grumo was a great investment

We love to work with startups but unfortunately many of them cannot afford a professionally made explainer video and have difficulty understanding why they cost so much to produce. In this 3 min video you’ll hear one of our happy customers explain in detail why hiring Grumo to produce their video was a very worthwhile […]

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Ashton Kutcher tweets his love for Grumo

Just one day after I posted my latest grumo for the awesome Ashton Kutcher posted on his Twitter: “this might be my favorite instructional video ever…”. Here is the screenshot of the Tweet: At the time Ashton tweeted about my video he had just over 6 million followers. Within 5 hours that tweet […]

How to Create an Awesome Demo Video for Your Business

After creating several successful demo videos I have learned great techniques to produce awesome explanatory videos with very little budget. I have also learned that most startups cannot afford to spend $3k to $10K to have a professional video produced. This saddens me because every startup can tremendously benefit from having a great demo video […]

How to create a great product demo video using Keynote

So need you a video to promote your startup but don’t have enough budget hire a studio to produce a custom demo video. No problem, here is how you can use Keynote to create a great looking demo video and save thousands of dollars. Other than your time and the cost of the software (less […]

Here is proof that landing page videos rock – inDinero doubles conversion rates, the online financial dashboard for businesses created by 21 year old Silicon Valley wunderkid Jessica Mah, has come forward with some hard evidence that using video on their homepage has helped double their conversion rates. inDinero has spent two months doing rigorous split testing between a more traditional landing page design and a page […]

How To Create Videos That Get You Customers – Mixergy Interview with Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media

I had the great honor to be interviewed by the great Andrew Warner on his show. Andrew has interviewed hundreds of very successful entrepreneurs and visionaries, among them Paul Graham, Jimmy Wales, Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk and many more. I have been a total fan of Andrew’s interviews for over 4 years now and […]

Why every website needs a great explanatory video

Video on the web is a hot trend on the Internet today. Not just pure video for entertainment such us cute kitty videos or fart videos, but promotional videos as well. In fact, almost every website in this world can benefit from a short concise explanatory video. A lot of people create their own demo […]

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Step by step guide to produce a promo video

Listen to this article read by Miguel Hernandez, Grumo’s CEO HERE: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Producing a 1-1.5 min animated promotional video takes more effort than meets the eye. What millions can enjoy during those fleeting seconds of informational entertainment it is actually the result of several weeks of hard work. How […]

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ASAPS – Facelift

Demo video produced by Grumo Media. Bette Davis once said, “old age ain’t for sissies.” Boy, was she not kidding… But is it wrong to want to look as young as I feel? I’ve spent a fortune on skincare products, all promising a lot more than they delivered. But what I really wanted was more […]

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UNO Home Loans

Demo video produced by Grumo Media. Buying a home is possibly one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. So when we learned that more than 1 in 3 home owners aren’t confident they got the best deal possible on their home loan, we decided, that had to change. That’s why at uno – […]

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Miguel de Grumo Media Un Español triunfando en Silicon Valley – Oscar Martin

Me hace mucha ilusión cuando me entrevista alguien de mi país natal, España. Ese país tan entrañable que mi familia y yo abandonamos hace más de 20 años en búsqueda de aventuras al otro lado del Atlántico. Óscar Martín es un emprendedor salmantino que enseña a la gente a vivir de Internet generando ingresos pasivos […]

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Reindeer Reading Co Demo Video by Jim Dodge

Jim Dodge took the Grumo animation course and produced this awesome explainer for Reindeer Reading Co. Jim shares with us how was his experience producing his first demo video ever: How long did it take to create this course? I’m not sure. I have a day job and would work on this for 2 hours […]

Watercoloring Course – Vanissa James

  Vanissa James tells us how was her experience creating her course “Painting in Watercolor 1 – Learn Beginner Basic Techniques” after taking Grumo’s How to Create an Awesome Online Course. ​ Here are her answers: What is your course about? This course is designed for beginners who wish to start painting in watercolor. In […]

NameDrop: Auto-Fill For Life

Demo video produced with love and cookies by Grumo Media. Forms. Forms. And more forms. We fill out zillions of them in our lifetime. Writing the same information in tiny little boxes over and over again. It’s a time-wasting, paper-wasting, error-prone, and totally and completely outdated thing to do. But! Forms are on the brink […]

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The Ultimate Webinar Sales Funnel for Course Creators with Miguel Hernandez

In this interview Udemy best seller, Phil Ebiner, talks with Miguel about his experience as an instructor on Udemy and his more recent experience selling online courses using evergreen webinar funnels. In this episode: Outsourcing work in your business Creating a system for hiring workers What you should outsource Email marketing best practices Building a […]

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New Grumo: ASAPS Amy

Demo video produced by Grumo Media. I adore my baby. She’s smart, funny, and endlessly cute. What I do not adore is that post-pregnancy baby pouch that has thus far resisted about a million soul cycle sessions and months of eating right. And the idea of continuing to be a slave to Spanx is, well… […]

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Miguel Udemy Course Testimonial: Anvar

Anvar took my online course creation course and on his first month was able to get 156 paid students using a very clever YouTube marketing strategy. Watch the interview/testimonial to learn more about his experience taking my course, creating his and getting his first students. Anvar’s course is called “How to earn money online by […]

New Grumo:

Demo video produced by Grumo Media. You’re a doctor who needs to assess brain function. With so few assessment tools and so many complex, overlapping functions, you’ll need a lot of specialists to get it right. Just getting one specialist appointment can take months of wait time and precious hours of calls and emails. What […]

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Pencilmation: 1 Million Views A Day On YouTube with Ross Bollinger

Watch this 1 hour interview to meet and be inspired by Ross Bollinger, the creative genius behind Pencilmation, a playful animated cartoon YouTube video series that has been exploding in popularity to the tune of 1 million views a day. In this interview you’ll learn: How Ross started animating What inspired him to start the […]

New Grumo: CurlUp App

Demo video produced by Grumo Media. Everybody knows that knowledge is the key to success and reading is just about the best way to gain that knowledge. But in today’s screen-centric world, it can be easy to lose focus, and before you know it, you’ve got a reading list a mile long! That’s why we […]

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New Grumo:

Demo video produced by Grumo Media. Client Testimonial: It was a pleasure to work with Grumo Media. They are great at understanding requirements, responding to changes and coming up with a great explanatory video for I will surely use their service in future. – Raksha C. Video Script: You’re an ecommerce vendor, keeping track […]

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New Grumo: Expert-eez

Demo video produced by Grumo Media. When it comes to great ideas for growing your business – you’re the expert! In fact, sometimes these brainstorms pop up so fast, it’s hard for you to keep up with them. You know what you want. And you know why. But how to manage all the “hows”, “whos”, […]

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Demo video produced by Grumo Media. You’ve spent all year adjusting one step of a previously published scientific technique. But because this isn’t a new method, only a correction, there’s no way of communicating it to others using the same protocol. That means you get no credit, and everyone else has to re-discover what you […]