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A past client explains why hiring Grumo was a great investment

At Grumo we'll take good care of your hard earned $$$

We love to work with startups but unfortunately many of them cannot afford a professionally made explainer video and have difficulty understanding why they cost so much to produce. In this 3 min video you’ll hear one of our happy customers explain in detail why hiring Grumo to produce their video was a very worthwhile […]

Ashton Kutcher tweets his love for Grumo


Just one day after I posted my latest grumo for the awesome Ashton Kutcher posted on his Twitter: “this might be my favorite instructional video ever…”. Here is the screenshot of the Tweet: At the time Ashton tweeted about my video he had just over 6 million followers. Within 5 hours that tweet […]

How to Create an Awesome Demo Video the Grumo Way


After creating several successful demo videos I have learned great techniques to produce awesome explanatory videos with very little budget. I have also learned that most startups cannot afford to spend $3k to $10K to have a professional video produced. This saddens me because every startup can tremendously benefit from having a great demo video […]

Thank You Message from Grumo CEO

Thank you Grumo Fans!

After one year in business Grumo has gathered over 500 loyal and awesome Facebook fans. On behalf of the Grumo team I want to thank all of you for having joined the Grumo family, including our dear clients, Grumo students, friends, and every single one of you. Especial thanks go to my two most loyal […]

How to create a great product demo video using Keynote


So need you a video to promote your startup but don’t have enough budget hire a studio to produce a custom demo video. No problem, here is how you can use Keynote to create a great looking demo video and save thousands of dollars. Other than your time and the cost of the software (less […]

Here is proof that landing page videos rock – inDinero doubles conversion rates

inDinero_Screen_shot_02, the online financial dashboard for businesses created by 21 year old Silicon Valley wunderkid Jessica Mah, has come forward with some hard evidence that using video on their homepage has helped double their conversion rates. inDinero has spent two months doing rigorous split testing between a more traditional landing page design and a page […]

How To Create Videos That Get You Customers – Mixergy Interview with Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media


Last week I had the great honor to be interviewed by the great Andrew Warner on his show. Andrew has interviewed hundreds of very successful entrepreneurs and visionaries, among them Paul Graham, Jimmy Wales, Tim Ferris, Gary Vaynerchuk and many more. I have been a total fan of Andrew’s interviews for over a year […]

Why every website needs a great explanatory video


Video on the web is a hot trend on the Internet today. Not just pure video for entertainment such us cute kitty videos or fart videos, but promotional videos as well. In fact, almost every website in this world can benefit from a short concise explanatory video. A lot of people create their own demo […]

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Step by step guide to produce a promo video

Drawing hands by Escher

Listen to this article read by Miguel Hernandez, Grumo’s CEO HERE: Producing a 1-1.5 min animated promotional video takes more effort than meets the eye. What millions can enjoy during those fleeting seconds of informational entertainment it is actually the result of several weeks of hard work. How hard really depends on the complexity and […]

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Walmart Exchange – WMX

Walmart Exchange by Walmart Labs: Track advertising ROI all the way to the retail store!

Walmart Exchange is a marketing solution that makes it really simple for the largest brands and agencies to leverage Walmart store data and optimize their advertising. Demo video produced by Grumo Media. What do you do when you want to sell more? You spend a significant percentage of your revenue on advertising your brand, and […]

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New Grumo: BeanStack

Find awesome books for your kids with Beanstack.. oh yeah!

Product demo video produced by Grumo Media. Finding great books and apps for your child can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Who do you trust? Which ones are best for my child? And how can I use them jumpstart learning? Let’s find out, with Beanstack! Connecting your family with our librarians’ […]

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New Grumo: JustGo Pads by JustGoGirl

JustGo Pads: no more leaks when you are exercising.. oh yeah!

If you have ever run or jumped and leaked, JustGo Pad is for you! Explainer demo video produced by Grumo Media. Ladies, has this every happened to you? Well take a deep breath, you are not alone. In fact, this even has a name: Exercise-Induced Urine Leakage or if you prefer…Exercise-Induced Urinary Incontinence. And this […]

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InForm – Formularios seguros

Con InForm acabarás con los impostores de una vez por todas.. vamos!

Video explicativo producido por Grumo Media. Digamos que su negocio permite solicitar sus servicios financieros por medio de un formulario. ¿Cómo sabe si las personas rellenando su formulario está utilizando su verdadera identidad? Desafortunadamente hay muchos impostores y tener un sistema de identificación inseguro puede ser devastador para su negocio. InForm le permite crear formularios […]

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InForm Explainer Video

With InForm your company will get rid of impostors.. oh yeah!

Product demo video produced by Grumo Media. Let’s say you use a form to let people apply for financial services. How do you know if people filling the form are using their real identity? Unfortunately there are many impostors out there and having an unsafe identification system can be devastating to your business. InForm allows […]

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Learn everything about Charts with Excel – Grumo Student course

Become an Excel chart master with Andreas course

Andreas Exadaktylos took Grumo’s teaching course and learned to create his own courses. His first course teaches how to master charts in Excel and it has already over 500 students. Andreas shared with us a bit about the experience creating his first course on Udemy: 1. Why did you decide to create an online course? […]

New Grumo: VBallScore

Always know the score even if you are mowing the lawn.. oh yeah!

Product demo video produced by Grumo Media. When you need the official volleyball score, you need VBALLSCORE, the app that designates one person to keep track of the game and lets everybody else follow along. Maybe you can’t see the score from where you’re seated, or maybe you can’t see at all! Or…maybe the official […]

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Interview with Miguel Hernandez of Grumo Media by BeEfficientTV

Grumo shirt, Grumo hat, Grumotronix galore!

Recently I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Ahmed Al Kiremli from BeEfficientTV. We covered many interesting topics related to demo video production, running an animation studio, the beginnings of Grumo Media, my experience teaching on Udemy, and much more. I’ve been interviewed many times but Ahmed was by far the best prepared interviewer […]

How I reached 10,000 Students on Udemy


I’m very happy – today I reached 10,000 students taking my courses on Udemy.. yipeee! When I published my first course 3 years ago I never thought I’d even get past 1000 students. I started with one course “How to create an awesome demo video for your business” followed by “How to create an awesome […]

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How to build an awesome home theater the easy way

It's time to build an awesome home theatre the Grumo Way.. oh yeah!

I recently realized a childhood dream – installing my own projection home theater system at home. It looks fantastic, it’s all I wanted, it was a fun project and it was affordable. Now we can enjoy Hollywood movies on an huge 11 foot electric projection screen, and it’s just awesome! I built everything in one […]

New Grumo: FlexPV

Put some wheels to your granpa!! .. oh yeah!

FlexPV is a battery powered wheel, controlled by a remote or smart phone. The wheel is propelled by a durable hub motor and fastened to any object with universal brackets. Product demo video produced by Grumo Media. Open source communities have undeniably revolutionized the digital world, but now it’s time to take things one step […]

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The Life of a Microbe – Animation by Grumo Student Sonny Mickelson

This microbe made the cover of Times... but was it happy?

Sonny Mickelson took the Grumo animation course and produced this awesome animation about the life and tribulations of a lonely microbe. Sonny Mickelson is a Sydney-based writer with a sideline in silly stories. On her blog’s about page she writes: “Sonny Mickelson is an enigmatic figure, shrouded in mystery and known to very few. Currently […]

How to create awesome demo videos for your business – Free Webminar


Today I had the pleasure to co-host a webminar about demo video production with Jon Acosta from Content Creators Lounge. If you are new to demo video production and are curious about what it takes to produce a great video for your company I think you will find this webminar quite interesting. We cover lots […]

You’ve never seen an orange dance like this

This orange can dance better than you.. oh yeah!

Check out this funky dancing orange animation Grumo produced for EatThisMuch. This animated loop was an special request after we completed the EatThisMuch demo video (watch it here). The orange is their mascot and Louis DeMenthon, EatThisMuch CEO, wanted to bring it to live in a unique way.. and what a way! hehe Ok, now […]

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New Grumo: Eat This Much

Eat smart with EatThisMuch.. oh yeah!

Eat This Much automatically creates meal plans that meet your diet goals. It can be personalized for your food preferences, budget, and schedule. Then, once a week, we give you a grocery list with everything you need. Client Testimonial Ross and Grumo Media totally blew away my expectations with how good this video is. I […]