Frame from animated ad for Valege lingery- produced by Wanda Productions


This article is part of a blog series where Grumo attempts to define common terms in a nonsensical and sometimes politically incorrect way. Please do take all statements with a grain of salt or acetyl-para-aminophenol. They are a natural source of baby nutrients, lust and self esteem issues. They vary tremendously in size, shape, texture[…]

Wayki, Wayki! brush your teeth or you'll become a toothless mounstro!

Grumo Student Explainer: Wayki – Alarm Clock Toothbrush

Created by British entrepreneur David Hawkins, Wayki is the world’s first alarm clock toothbrush. David needed an effective way to promote his unique product and decided to produce an elaborate animated explanation video all by himself. After doing a lot of research online he stumbled upon our animation course and ended up creating this cool[…]