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How to write your own explainer demo video


The following is a guest post by Dan Nelken. Dan is a creative director and writer at Grumo Media with over 10 years of experience working for some of the largest advertising agencies in Canada. You can follow him on Twitter at @dannelken. Occasionally, we have clients who come to us with their own scripts. […]

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New Grumo: LogikCull

LogikCull: Discover your documents anywhere.. oh yeah baby!

LogikCull is an awesome new way to manage and discover all your documents on the cloud. Explanation demo video produced with love by

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New Grumo: Classrooms by Walmart

Classrooms by Walmart: the easiest most internetical way to get your school supplies.. oh yeah!

Classrooms by Walmart is a free and easy way to manage your supply lists. Explainer video produced for Walmart by How do you make sure your classroom is stocked with all the supplies you need? By writing on the board? Sticky notes on window? A list of supplies on paper in children’s backpacks? Or […]

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WhyGo: Virtual Meeting Heaven

WhyGo: it's virtual meeting heaven! is an awesome service that makes scheduling virtual meetings a piece of cheesecake. And it’s so easy to use your grandpa could do it! Demo video produced by You have lots of important meetings with people all over the world. But traveling is too expensive and time consuming, so you like to have […]

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Explainer Videos Explained: Interview by The Local Method


Albert Hathazi from the Local Method Podcast interviews Miguel Hernandez about Grumo Media and the world of explainer demo videos. Listen to the whole interview here: Here is an excerpt from the interview’s summary: Miguel Hernandez started making awesome videos in an effort to promote his own start up. Here is the video that got […]

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AgentPiggy: Financial Education for Kids

AgentPiggy Grumo Explainer Video

With AgentPiggy your kids will learn to make all the right financial decisions from an early age so they can enjoy a debt free future! Explanation video produced by

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New Grumo Student Explainer: App Interactives

AppInteractives: the place to get your awesome apps developed.. oh yeah!

Grumo Student Alexa Davis just shared with us her demo video creation for her startup App Interactives. At App Interactives they identify, design, develop and deploy custom mobile applications that build brand loyalty. Check it out! Alexa shares a bit about the production of her first demo video: How long did it take to put […]

New Grumo: Recorded Future

Recorded Future: became a future predicting super hero (Disclaimer: cannot predict the lottery.. yet)

Recorded Future is a magical web service that organizes all of the things the world already knows about the future. Demo video produced with love by Philip is an analyst who gets paid to make sense of the world and make predictions about the future. And he wants to be the hero who governments… […]

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How to Hire an Awesome Freelance Animator

Photo Credit: Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images

Now that you have a great demo video script ready you have 3 options to bring it to live. From cheapest and most difficult to most expensive and more convenient your options are: 1 – Learn to animate it yourself 2 – Hire a freelance animator. 3 – Hire an animation studio. Assuming you have […]

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New Grumo: Walmart Classrooms

Walmart Classrooms: schools supplies for everyone, anytime, anywhere!

Walmart Classrooms the coolest place to find all possible school supplies. Promo video created with love by

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iMeet: Amazing Virtual Meeting Rooms


iMeet was created to take the awkward out of meeting online. Animated demo video produced by iMeet was created to take the awkward out of meeting online. Their amazing meeting rooms can host lots of people and each person gets their very own cube showing their beautiful face, and their business and personal info. […]

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New Grumo: SandGlaz

SandGlaz: the most awesomest to-do list manager in the Universe!

With SandGlaz you can create, track and manage all of your life’s todo’s from a single page and experience optimal productivity now! Demo video produced by

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The Art of Feedback by Grumo


If creative freedom is heaven to the artist, feedback is the closest thing to hell on earth. The name of the game in this business is knowing how to deal with our worst enemy, feedback. The only way to survive a long and happy career as a creative doing commissioned work is by learning to […]

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Encoding video for web the Grumo Way

Fig 01: Quicktime settings to encode video for web.

Once your master piece demo video is completed you’ll face a myriad of encoding options to choose from. Our Grumo advice is to always keep a high-quality backup and render your final version at the maximum quality possible using a codec like DVCPRO-HD, Apple Pro-Res, or H.264 at a high bit rate of 5000kbps or […]

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New Grumo: Mile High Organics

Mile High Organics: America’s first USDA Certified Organic Online Grocer

Mile High Organics is an online grocer that makes sure they know their products come from good homes, a lot of them local, and aren’t covered in nasty pesticides or GMO’s. Demo video produced by

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