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New Grumo: Gaudium

Gaudium is a software company specializing in developing awesome applications for iPhone, Android and Web. Demo video produced by

Self Hosting Video vs YouTube

Where do you host your awesome demo video once is produced? Some clients prefer to self host it to be able to have more control over the viewing experience. The main argument to not host on YouTube is that when you embed a YouTube video on your site you see related videos at the end […]

Walletini: Tickets in your Pocket

Walletini is an awesome mobile app for buying tickets that makes it super easy to sit with your friends. Demo video produced by Your favorite band is coming to town and you want to go with your friends. It’ll be great if you could all sit together and have a blast. Right? But do […]

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Audible: 5 Steps to help you discover your true passion

I just started to listening to audiobooks on and I love it! Listening to a book as opposed to reading feels very relaxing and it frees you to do other things while learning new stuff. I specially recommend listening to audiobooks while driving, commuting, waiting on a lineup, or when taking a break. Today, […]

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New Grumo: ParcelPoint

ParcelPoint is the easy way to receive parcels if you’re often out. You can send your parcels to a store near you and collect them when you want, 7 days a week. Find your nearest ParcelPoint and give it a try … you’ll never miss another delivery! Demo video produced with love by Client’s […]

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New Grumo Student Demo Video: VoteMyLink

Beverley Eve took our demo video course and produced the following explainer video for her new startup VoteMyLink. Beverley explains how was the process of creating her first demo video with the help of animator James Williams: How long did it take to put together? It took us about a week to do the course […]

New Grumo: Play-Fi Speakers

Play-Fi Speakers offer lossless audio streaming in every room from any android device. Demo video produced with love by

New Grumo Student Promo Video: Anat Gotfried

Anat Gotfried took our Grumo demo video course and created her own demo video to stand out among all the applicants to get into Booth’s MBA program. She got accepted and admissions told her they loved her video! Here is a bit about how Anat put together her first demo video: How long did it […]

“Sobredosis” Music Video

Almost a year later the music video I shot for my friends in Madrid sees the light of day. If you watch it till the end you’ll encounter probably longest credit list in the history of a music video!! Shot with a Panasonic HVX200 on a photography studio with two young an beautiful local actresses […]

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