Agnitus: Finally your kids can both play and learn stuff at the same time!

Agnitus: Games for Learning

Agnitus games are both entertaining and teaching tools for children based on an actual educational curriculum. Animated demo video produced by Your child loves to play video games. BUT as a parent it’s hard to know if the games are appropriate or turning your kid’s brain into mush. And if they are playing an[…]


LoveBucks: Reward content creators

LoveBucks makes it super easy to reward publishers with just a click of a button! Demo video produced by Everyday you enjoy great content like a nice blog post, an instructional video, a cool info-graphic, a yummy recipe..and it’s all free! Unfortunately there is no easy way to reward the talented creators behind the[…]


LawZam: Lawyers Live

LAWZAM is a new service providing legal consultations by videoconference. Startup demo video produced by It’s hard to relax when you have a legal problem. but where are you going to find a lawyer? You could make an appointment with a law firm and spend your day driving downtown… BUT, when you get to[…]

StreamBase LiveView: catch opportunities faster than any competitor!

New Grumo: StreamBase LiveView

StreamBase LiveView is a push-based real-time analytics solution that enables business users to analyze, anticipate and alert on important business events in real-time, and act on opportunities or threats as they occur. Demo video produced by Another happy client! Special thanks go to our awesome Project Manager Pedram! Client Testimonial: “One of the hardest[…]

Kudize: finding the perfect wedding photographer is now a piece of cake!

New Grumo Student Awesome Demo Video:

Sean McLellan is a professional wedding photographer and just launched an awesome wedding photographer referral platform called So how does Kudize work? to explain it Sean turned to our popular demo video animation course and in just one week he produced the following masterpiece with zero animating experience before: Here is a nice testimonial[…]