TruQu: Trust & Quality

TruQu is a a simple tool to stand out from other candidates, build your personal brand, and unleash your full potential! Explanation video produced by http://grumomedia.com Twitter Testimonial: Good Morning! Our collaboration with @grumomedia has come to the end and the product is an amazing video: http://t.co/TF9MOnGy — TruQu (@TruQucom) April 23, 2012 Mark is[…]

ProspectSnap: Turning Chihuahuas into Profits!

ProspectSnap: Turning Prospects into Profits

ProspectSnap is networking tool that helps you add prospects to an email marketing list the second you meet them. Produced by http://grumomedia.com This is Anthony. Heʼs an entrepreneur who wants to build a gigantic-super-fantastic-empire. So heʼs always hitting up conferences and networking events, to meet new prospects. Like everyone else, Anthony hands out business cards[…]

Sonoma Partners: Old lady goes on a date with a jockey? oh yeah!

Mobile Sales Kit: Sonoma Partners

Mobile Sales Kit – a revolutionary iPad application designed specifically for sales presentations. Produced by http://grumomedia.com Okay so, your salespeople have stacks of stuff to take with them on their sales calls: catalogues, documents galore, audio-video demos, and maybe even sample products or something. That’s a lot of stuff. So what do you do? Hire[…]

AgentPiggy: Financial Education for Kids

AgentPiggy: Financial Education for Kids

AgentPiggy es un chanchito online que ayuda a los niños a aprender a gestionar sus finanzas desde pequeñines. (AngentPiggy is an online piggy bank that helps kids learn to manage their finances from an early age) Produced by http://grumomedia.com Si tu querido hijo no aprende a gestionar su dinero desde chiquito cuando sea mayor meterá[…]

Mobile Sales Kit: Three arm blonde runs happily into Grumo Land

Microsoft CRM Dynamics: Sonoma Partners

Microsoft Dynamics CRM by Sonoma Partners is a simple software that integrates all of the tools she’s already using, like Outlook, Excel, Word, and SharePoint. Demo video produced by http://grumomedia.com Suzie is a partner at a big consulting firm. She’s a busy lady, running around (travelling) working on projects and also- recruiting, managing people, and[…]

Aprenda Marketing: don't you love Portuguese from Brazil.. it's like singing!

New Grumo Student Explainer Video: Aprenda Marketing

Paulo Fernandes is an entrepreneur from Brazil that took our Grumo animation course to promote his startup Aprenda Marketing. Here is Paulo’s demo video entirely done by himself. Paulo shares how was the process of creating his first demo video: How long did it take to put together? I spent around 2 weeks to produce[…]