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SkimLinks: Unlock the Cash in Your Content

SkimLinks converts all your product links to affiliate links automatically! Animation produced by SkimLinks Demo Video Script: So you manage a website, forum or app full of articles and discussions about all kinds of products. Did you know that every link or reference to a product on your site can generate money for you? […]

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New Grumo: What is ProBox?

Probox makes it super easy to share large files securely from anywhere in the world, whether thatʼs home, the airport, a coffee shop or…a massage parlour. Explainer video produced by Demo video script: Stanley has an old-fashioned office job. Trouble is, Stanley is a modern man. He wants to work from home, the airport, […]

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Jason Calacanis praises Grumo Media’s Work

Our demo video for GooseChase made it to This Week in Startups by Jason Calacanis. Andrew Cross, GooseChase co-founder delivered an excellent pitch that impressed Jason and his side-kick Taylor and both had nice things to say about grumo’s demo video. Check it out! Thanks Jason, your show rocks!

SpotOn: One Card, Endless Perks

SpotOn is the digital loyalty card of the future. A single card that works at all of your favorite local businesses Animation by Demo Video Transcription Loyalty cards can be awesome Except when you have collected zillions of them They are hard to carry around.. and when you need them you’ve lost them! There […]

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New Grumo Student Demo Video:

Here is a new demo video from Grumo Student Liam O’Dea for his new startup called Check below to find out in great detail how the Grumo Animation course help Liam create his first demo video from scratch. Liam explains how was the process of producing his first explanatory video: How long did it […]

Grumo Animation Student Testimonials and Sample Demo Videos

The “How to create awesome demo videos” course was created with the intention to provide an alternative for cash strapped startups to produce their own demo videos. As a producer It hurt to turn down many hard working entrepreneurs because they just could not afford an studio like mine to produce their demo video. So […]