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3 top attributes the sharks look for before investing: A rare Shark Tank’s behind the scenes video

Shark Tank: BTS

Did you ever wonder what goes through the minds of the sharks when making investments? Watch this fantastic behind the scenes video where you’ll hear the sharks sharing really great insights into their decision making process, how they relate to each other, their opinions on the current status of America’s struggling economy, and the 3 […]

New Grumo: GooseChase – Scavenger Hunts for the Masses

If you ever had to put together a scavenger hunt you already know what a daunting task that can be. Luckily from now on GooseChase will make organizing them a blast! Animated video demo produced by Testimonial From GooseChase “The product overview video that Grumo made for GooseChase was flat-out incredible. They fully understood […]

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New Grumo: Tio MobilePay

Tio MobilePay is the fastest way to pay all your bills right from your phone. Produced by Here is a great testimonial from the Tio Networks crew: “We were so impressed with Grumo’s portfolio that there was absolutely no question that we needed a demo video from them. Across the industry, you won’t find […]

New Grumo: What is Chromatik?


Chromatik is a powerful learning platform designed to help true musicians master their craft better than ever before. Animation produced by Demo video transcription: The process of learning and performing music hasn’t changed since the days of Bach and Beethoven. Musicians meet with their teacher once a week. Then go back to a practice […]

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New Grumo: What is 7Geese?

7Geese is an awesome social performance management platform that helps unleash the human potential at your workplace. Explainer demo video produced by Demo video transcription: Linda is wired all the time. She loves using her smartphone to connect to the world she cares about. She wants to use her skills and passion to change […]

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New Grumo: What is Bebedo?

Bebedo is the fastest way to find all the cool activities nearby that fit your schedule. Bebedo is a startup from Toronto founded by three super smart and nice female entrepreneurs that were a real pleasure to work with. Bebedo – Grumo Script Ben wants to do something exciting tonight so he goes online searching […]

Grumo Interview: Creating animations that inspire people – by Nick Navatta

Here is an interview with Nick Navatta, a talented animator who recently took our animation course. I checked his previous work and was impressed with some of his stop motion style projects. What really blowed my mind is that he created an amazing video animating his answers! Check it out here: An now the written […]

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Startup Videos Interview: Running Grumo Media and Insights on the Demo Video Market.

Here is an interview about Grumo Media done by Sebastien Lhomme and posted at a great resource of startup videos. In this interview you will learn: How Grumo Media got started How Grumo runs their animation studio Insights into the future of the startup demo video market A bit about Miguel Hernandez, Grumo Media’s […]

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