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New Grumo: What is Addixs?


Addixs will develop and promote your mobile or social app for FREE in exchange for a small commission from every sale you make via your new app. Animation by GRUMO.

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New Grumo: What is OZMattress? - a cool way to buy mattresses online!

OZMattress makes online mattress selection a breeze. Simply fire up your browser and find the perfect mattress from the comfort of your home. Animation by GRUMO Want a similar explainer video for your company? Let GRUMO know HERE.

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New Grumo: What is RedBeacon?


RedBeacon is a better way to find reliable home service pros near you and get the job done right. Animation by GRUMO. Want a similar explainer video for your company? Let GRUMO know HERE.

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New Grumo Student Explainer Video: Property Development Network

Property Development Network explainer video by Robert Brus

Another Grumo Student shares his demo video after taking our Grumo Course. This time all the way from Australia, Robert Brus produced his first explainer video in only 10 days for his startup Property Development Network. Check it out! Robert was so kind as to share the storyboard he created for this video following the […]

New Grumo Student Explainer Video: - the Smart Way to Scale Your SEO Empire

After taking our Grumo Course, Ian Mason created a great animated promo video for his new startup Ian had zero experience with Adobe Illustrator or After Effects prior to taking the course and was able to produce this demo video in just 11 days! I am impressed with the storytelling, humour, and great pace. […]

New Grumo: What is Time Dog?


Time Dog is your personal “Super” service, “Powered by People who Care!”. Animation by GRUMO. Grumo Trivia There is always a story behind a piece of art, I mean a Grumo video. Here are some interesting facts behind the making of this grumo: The original super woman character was designed by Matt Cherry, founder of […]

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