Learn what ypography is in beautiful way

The Best Visual Definition of Typography Ever!

If you ever wondered what typography is watch this beautifully crafted animation. Created by two super talented Vancouver Film School graduates Ryan Uhrich and Boca Ceravolo If dictionaries were made of beautifully executed visual definitions like this.. how much more fun would it to learn new stuff! Video, animation, motion graphics are great tools that[…]

Mark Zuckerberg as he is threatened by Eduardo Saverin - AttorneyFee could've helped!

New Grumo Student Demo Video: AttorneyFee.com

Another Grumo Student shares his first demo video after taking our demo animation course. This time the artists are Richard Komaiko and his partner in crime Beibei Que from Attorneyfee.com. I am quite impressed with it. Remember this is produced by someone who had zero animating experience before taking the course! Pretty cool uh! the[…]


How to adquire a domain name from a reseller – Brute Force vs Negotiation

Recently I acquired the domain GRUMO.COM from a domain name reseller. Here I share my experiences doing so and some useful advice and recommendations that may benefit anyone also contemplating the purchase of a domain directly from a reseller. DISCLAIMER: Please, before you implement any of the following advice do consult an experienced lawyer in[…]