Drawing hands by Escher

Step by step guide to produce a promo video

Listen to this article read by Miguel Hernandez, Grumo’s CEO HERE: [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Producing a 1-1.5 min animated promotional video takes more effort than meets the eye. What millions can enjoy during those fleeting seconds of informational entertainment it is actually the result of several weeks of hard work. How[…]


Mentor: Danny Robinson

Danny Robinson has not only been a mentor and advisor to me but to hundreds of other startups in British Columbia and Canada. A couple of months ago I managed to catch the attention of billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban through one of my connections at YCombinator. Just a day after my friend sent Mark my[…]

Miguel pondering about his passions at Jericho Beach, in Vancouver

5 steps that will help you discover your true passion

This post is an answer to Sebastian Marshall’s article Passion Emerges From Action, Not Contemplation. At the end of his post Sebastian says: “Miguel! I’d love to hear your take on narrowing down your passions sometime since I know you’re working on fascinating stuff.” Well here is the answer: Note: this is a long article.[…]


The beauty of connecting with like minded people

Today I met for coffee Kurtis Steward a local photographer that loves to blog about his passion at http://kurtisstewart.com/. Kurtis found about me through this post from Sebastian Marshall. Kurtis is a devote follower of Sebastian Marshall and was plesantly surprised to discover that Sebastian was writing about a liked minded person that happened to[…]