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A Simple Method to Manage Creative Genius

I have been wondering what is the best way to transfer my creative vision to my recent motion graphics artist hires. (To skip to the meat of the article Click Here) At the beginning of a video project, I hand them a booklet that contains an overview of the product or service to be animated, […]

New Grumo: What is Hipmunk?

Hipmunk is a great little startup which mission is to make booking flights a painless experience. To accomplish this goal, they have designed an amazing user interface that helps you visualize the best possible flight combinations on just a single screen. Twitter Love for the Hipmunk Video Right after publishing this video got lots of […]

New Grumo: What is Summify?

Summify is a great little startup that just graduated from BootUp Labs here in Vancouver, BC. I had the great honor to create this little video to explain what their social news reader is all about. If you are interested in having a similar video created for your company/product/service head to Grumo Media or contact […]