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Woody Allen keeps delivering magic with Midnight in Paris

I was captivated by Woody Allen's magic the first time I watched Annie Hall (1977).

34 years later Woody keeps delivering his magic. Midnight in Paris is a beautifully crafted film and a must-watch for anyone that enjoys great storytelling.

Here some keywords that come to my mind after watching this great movie:

Paris, whimsical, beautiful, rain in the night, beautiful french women, Dali, rhinoceros, Buñuel, Owen Wilson, the 20's, Belle Époque, Picasso, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, enchanting, es muss sein, master piece, Woody Allen.

It is amazing that at 75 years old, when most people are retired long ago, Woody can still produce such great work.

Thanks Woody, you are a true inspiration.

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