Winner of Grumo’s first T-Shirt contest

Mamen Delgado, the winner of Grumo’s first t-shirt contest just received her price, and official Grumo t-shirt with Grumo growling on it.
Here is Mamen wearing the shirt in Madrid:

Mamen Delago got it right.. Grr! Grr!
Mamen Delago got it right.. Grr! Grr!

To win our Facebook fans had to guess what Grumo was saying in this sketch:

Hand drawn sketch of Grumo growling.
Hand drawn sketch of Grumo growling.

Well, it turns out Mamen got it right. Grumo can only growl.. Grr!

A story of serendipity..

But the story doesn’t end here my friends. Mamen is a voice over artist that had heard about Grumo recently from one of the candidates we auditioned for our very first Spanish Grumo.

At the time of the contest we were looking for a Spanish girl’s voice for a really cool secret project we are working on for an awesome cause.

Well, finding the right voice was proving next to impossible because most little girl voices are actually done by mature female voice over artists pretending to sound like a kid.

For short sentences this can work but for our video we needed a genuine voice from a real 8 to 10 year old girl.
Guess what? Turns out that Mamen has a daughter precisely 8 years old so that same day Mamen and her daughter went to the studio and recorded the voice over for this upcoming grumo video.

Her daughter has the sweetest most awesome voice in the world and we want to thank both mom and daughter for saving the day for us on this one. Gracias! 😉

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6 thoughts on “Winner of Grumo’s first T-Shirt contest

  1. Mamen Delgado Reply

    Thank you, sweety!!!! It’s been a pleasure to contribute with the little voice over artist I life with… 😉 Life is wonderful and it has this kind of lovely connections!

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