Who do I look like? Downey Jr, Elija, or Grohl

Looking like a famous Hollywood actor can get you free lunch (it did for me 2 years ago), if the actor is hot it may even help you get laid (no such luck in my case).

But what if you look like a bunch of famous people at the same time?
depending on your haircut or the time of day?

The first time I heard I looked like Robert Downey Jr was back in 1996 at checking out some toiletries at a Walmart in Houston TX.

Robert Down Jr vs. Miguel Hernandez - Rich vs Awesome

At that time I was an exchange student on my softmore year and my English was very bad, but good enough to understand that name.

However, I had no idea who that Downey Jr was, until later that year I ran into the cover of Air America at a video store.
I was like: Damn that’s true!

Working with Mel Gibson was a blast!

Next time was at a beach bar in Chile back in 2001, a guy in the line up started pointing at me and yelling to all his friends: Look, Look.. is Robert Downey Jr!

5 years had passed since the first time somebody noticed the resemblance. I always wonder, did my face morph into something different during those years?.
I say that because after the Chile incident people started to comment on the Downey Jr resemblance almost 1 out of 3 times I went out.

Since 2001, hundreds of estrangers have come up to me and told me how much I look like Robert.
Even more recently since Robert’s second coming after his drug and jail infamous experiences.

Robert is now a certified A list Hollywood star, you know cause you have seen him in at least 1 out of 3 blockbusters in the last 5 years (Ironman 1 and 2, Sherlock Holmes, Tropic Thunder, etc.)

I actually think Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was really the movie that marked his come back.

Here are a couple of shots with my face Photoshopped in by my talented friend Wayne Chin.
Pretty close, uh?

Miguel Holmes - by Wayne Chin
IronMigs - by Wayne Chin

Besides being compared to Robert the second actor people have told me I look like is Elija Wood.
I agree with the big eyes only, and even those are a different color.

Elija vs Miguel: No way! May be a little because of the beard..

But the one I was not expecting was today when @danielstoddart wrote:
@thehipmunk @grumomigs Miguel Hernandez looks like Dave Grohl.

What? are you on crack? Ok, may be again because of the hair and beard. See here:

Dave Grohl vs Miguel Hernandez

At any rate, I would like to think I look like myself and that should be good enough for you!


Who do you look like?

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9 thoughts on “Who do I look like? Downey Jr, Elija, or Grohl

  1. Tinita Reply

    A decade ago, you were “cleaner cut” better coiffed (depending on your taste) we would walk through the mall and all the department store ladies would ask me…excuse me is that Robert Downey Jr? To which I would reply, “why yes…yes it is”.

    • Miguel Hernandez Reply

      Some people like it short some long, the scruffy looking version is less maintenance which is perfect for my current busy yuppie executive in pajamas life style.
      Disclaimer: Tinita was my girlfriend for 6.5 years so she knows what she is talking about.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    haha dave grohl? … the posters came out really good and almost identical. On the positive side, It’s good that being his double could work as alternate profession for you hehe!

  3. Flix Reply

    Quote from an email I sent you March 21st, 2011… “did anyone tell you you look like frikkin’ Iron Man?”

    • Miguel Hernandez Reply

      Yes, My ex-girlfriend 2 boy kids have ironman action figures and everytime I see them they yell.. “Mom mom! ironman is here!”.. Makes me feel very super hero like 😉

  4. Ivan_Mercado Reply

    Hi Miguel, I have a blast seeing your training videos, Kudows! By the way, the 1st time of saw you I didn´t tought ” he looks like Robert Downey”

    biy lot more like a young Al Pacino character http://www.taazastat.com/movieimage/size_480_420/article_slide1375440066.jpeg. How asesome would that be? Within the yeares maybe you will look just like Carlito´s Way http://videotecadelmirador.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/pacino.jpg?w=450 Best regards my “carlito” friend 🙂

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