What is Love?

This article is part of a blog series where Grumo attempts to define common terms in a nonsensical and sometimes politically incorrect way. Please do take all statements with a grain of salt or acetyl-para-aminophenol.


Love is a strong emotion that you mostly feel on your chest area.
When it gets too strong it can get to the head and produce severe headaches.

There are many kinds of love, love for humans like your parents, your sister, best friend,
Love for pets like your pet turtle, big ass tarantula or your Japanese chin dog.
Love for things like your house, your city, your car, your wedding ring, your iPhone, or your big confy bed.

For parts of your body.. like your nose, eyes, ears, legs, ass or boobs..
People can love almost anything imaginable, soccer teams, flags, insects, blue eyes, memories, planets and even dog poop.. specially if you are a human fly.. hmmm

Where there is love, there is life, there is purpose and true happiness.. ahh!
Love is what motivates us, what helps us to move forward, to sacrifice for others, to change the world!
There are many sad people that have never experienced love, typically politicians and drug dealers.
You cannot buy 2 pounds of love because it has no price and because love cannot be bought many rich people don’t have it.

Life without love is not life anymore, it’s walking dead, it’s like being a zombie.. it is very sad and grey.. buahh.
Life with love is color, rocket fuel to your dreams, warm and fuzzy feelings! Yipee!
Yes! but Love is ultimately about giving not taking.

Love can be spoken but it is better shown through actions and not promises..
You see saying “I love you” takes one second but to really show you love someone can take a life time. (an amazing example here)

The ultimate reward of giving love is knowing its receiver will be better of with it.. and the first one to receive it should always be.. YOU!.

by Grumo

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