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Viral Video: Impossible Escher waterfall working

How did he do it?

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Here is an illustration depicting how it could have been done:

Impossible Escher waterfall video solution

Impossible Escher waterfall video solution

To read more about how it may have been built Click Here.

What makes this video viral?
Virality is the holy grail of all advertiser. Virality is not about budget but about unexpectedness and ingenuity.

I have been a fan of Escher drawings since I was a kid and my dad brought home a book with some of his most famous drawings.
Escher had a passion for depicting impossible scenarios, with impossible physics defying geometry filled with bizarre characters.

Most existing pictures and videos replicating the Escher waterfall use forced prespective to fool the eye into believing building it in the real world is possible.
This is the first time that someone has actually built it and made it work!

Commenters on the YouTube video are losing their mind trying to figure out how it was done.

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