Two Things You Need For a Great Demo Video

Two happy things that will make your demo videos great! oh yeah!
Two happy things that will make your demo videos great! oh yeah!

If you want a great video, you can hire a great studio like, for example, um, I don’t know, let’s say Grumo Media.

We will work our buns off to make that happen but your chances are much greater if you bring these two things to the table:

1) Brand Personality

I’m not just talking about a logo and your brand colours. I’m talking about your tone of voice; your brand personality.

If your brand were to walk into a party, what kind of person would she be? How would she dress?  Would she talk in slang? Would she be super serious, corporate lady?

Hopefully your brand stands for something rather than sitting on the fence and trying to appeal to anyone and everyone. If you’re going to be serious and corporate, embody that in a way that is unique. If you’re a Startup you have to offer something intangible to go along with the tangible product or service you are providing. This will be the difference between people liking your product and loving your product.

If you have this unique voice before you get to us, than this is what will help us, help you make a great video.

If you’re at a very early stage in your development and you haven’t quite nailed a unique brand personality, send us a handful of videos and tell us what you like about them and what you don’t. It will help us get a feel for the tone of voice for your brand and then you can evolve from there.

2) You Gotta Problem?

Almost everybody that comes to us knows generally what content they want to include in their video. What we find lacking a lot of the time though is the problem their product or service solves for their target consumer. Sure, most clients have answers like: “It saves time” or “It saves money” or “It makes their live easier” or “It’s in the cloud so they can access it anywhere” or “It’s on all your devices.” Well to that I say, “Woopity Doo.”

You can apply all of those benefits to almost any product. And they might all apply to yours. Where the magic lies though, is in something emotional.

Think about your target. What are their hopes and dreams in work and life? What are their biggest struggles? Find the single most persuasive thing you can say about your product to get them kicking down your door to get what you are selling.

I’m sure there are lots of reasons why your company is great. We want the mother of all reasons. Most companies haven’t put in the work to find it because it’s extremely difficult and their priorities are elsewhere. Ad agencies charge a schwack to do this and most Startups can’t afford it. So, here are some questions you can explore to help you dig and maybe find the mother of all reasons:

What is your target currently thinking with regard to what you want to sell them?

What do you want them to think after they see your video?

What is the single most persuasive thing you can say to get them there?

At Grumo Media we take pride in our ability to tell stories and bring them to life. We do this by helping our clients refine the content they provide for us. So the more persuasive and impactful that content is, the more persuasive and impactful your video will be.

If you have any questions, don’t be shy and please ask away.

If you want Grumofied help with branding before you get into video production, send us a note and we can discuss.

Thanks for spending time with Grumo and Happy Empire Building To You and Yours!

Article crafted by the right brain of Dan Nelken. Dan is a creative director and writer at Grumo Media with over 10 years of experience working for some of the largest advertising agencies in Canada. You can follow him on Twitter at @dannelken.

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