Grumo’s Top 10 Video Marketing Tips


Here are Grumo Media’s Top 10 Video Marketing Tips that will help you get maximum exposure for your videos the easy way.

Here they are amigos!

Tip #1: Include your website’s URL at the beginning of the description on YouTube
First, you should upload all your videos to YouTube. Why? because is the 2nd largest search engine in the world after Google (duh). Second, if anything make sure that you include your website URL in the first line of the description.YouTube only displays the first couple lines by default so most people will miss the URL if you include it at the end of your description. Make sure it starts with “htttp://” so it can be clicked. Without the “http://” it won’t work!

Tip #2: Include annotations and cards
On YouTube (and on Vimeo, Wistia) you have the option to add links inside your video. You want to make it easier for your viewers to get to your website so adding an annotation with a link is a must!
Remember that before you can add a link to your site you need to associate your website to your YouTube account. This is pretty easy but most people forget to do it!

Tip #3: Add a 5 second outro with call to action
An outro is simply a bit of extra video at the end of your video. It’s like the rolling credits in a movie except that instead of credits you are going to put a nice a big call to action to your website.
We recommend that you create that outro once and then add it to all your videos BEFORE you upload them. Unfortunately you cannot change a video once it is uploaded to YouTube. On Wistia and Vimeo you can so you could replace all your existing videos with the same but with the outro added.
A good outro should have a big button image inviting viewers to check your siteand ideally you would overlay an annotation with a link to your site on top so viewers can click directly on the video.

Tip #4: Create a Custom Thumbnail
If you’ve used Tinder our bought a book in your lifetime (hope you’ve done the later at least once) then you know how important are first impressions – The same goes for your videos.
The “cover” of a video is its thumbnail. It’s the number one reason why people decide to click or skip your video. Make sure you create a custom thumbnail for all your videos. It’s more work but it will pay off in spades. I had a video on YouTube that literally took off the day after I changed it’s thumbnail.
I hope I don’t have to say that the thumbnail MUST be related to the content of the video (no thumbnail bait monkey business if you know what I mean)

Tip #5: Use SEO friendly titles
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which in a nutshell is the black magic of how to trick Google into liking you more than your competitors.
A big factor to increase visibility to Google and other search engines is to choose the right words.
The right words, also known as “keywords”, are those words that best describe your business and should be carefully included on all your online content which of course includes your videos.
The title of the video is arguably the second most important factor (after the thumbnail) to be selected by people and the most important factor to be selected by search engines.
Here the trick is to keep the title short, descriptive, accurate, and interesting. Coming up with the perfect title is a science in itself so I won’t dig deeper here but at least now you know to give more love and attention to the title your video master piece

Tip #6: Add transcription to your videos
Transcribing a video sounds like a lot of work and the reason is because it is!
However, now it’s very affordable and you can get it done for $1 per minute or less at services like or Fiverr. The reason why you want to add transcription to your videos is twofold.
First, not everyone can hear so the deaf will have a chance to understand what your videos are all about (also they will like you more). Also note that many people don’t have their speakers set up or cannot listen to videos out loud while at work. Secondly, going back to SEO, YouTube and Google give preference to videos that are transcribed, so making the investment will both help your video and the world!

Tip #7: Embed video on your site
Even if you had a video produced to be used on YouTube or social media only you should really consider embedding it in your site or blog as well. The reason is that embedded videos will boost your SEO and make your website more discoverable to search engines.
It’s not a bad idea to create a post for every video you upload. Make sure the post contains more than just the video itself. Ideally add a short description so readers have the choice to either watch the video or read the article.

Tip #8: Upload natively to Facebook
Do I have to say Facebook is a HUMOUNGOUS site that almost half of the world uses every day several times? – I bet right after reading this you will feel compelled to see what your friend’s cat is up to in Facebook but before you head there (I know you know I know you will) I’d like for you to part with this bit of video marketing wisdom. Here it is: Facebook gives a zillion times more preference to videos uploaded natively than to videos embedded form YouTube or elsewhere.
This means that if you have a Facebook Page for our business (you should have one BTW) then you’d be smart to upload your videos directly to Facebook and the chances of being shared, liked, and watched will go through the roof. Don’t believe me? Try it out and let me know how it goes.

Tip #9: Upload to Vimeo and other free video sites
I can’t recall how many times I’ve seen a video uploaded to Vimeo appear before any results on Google.
It turns out that Vimeo ranks very nicely on search engines as well so it is a good strategy to upload your videos not just to YouTube but to Vimeo (DailyMotion, etc). You see, all these video platforms survive by being very friendly to search engines so when you upload your videos to them they are actually doing a lot of the marketing and SEO stuff on your behalf. So why not have several platforms helping you out?

Tip #10: Share on all social media
Sharing is good so share EVERYWHERE. That’s the mantra of the true marketer and if you want you video to gain maximum exposure it should be yours too.
This means once you have your video uploaded you should immediately share a link to it on all your social media accounts. This includes of course, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
Oh, that you have too many accounts and it’s a pain to post a link to all of them? no problemo. Just use a tool like HootSuite and you’ll be able to post to all your social media accounts at once with just one click!

Bonus Tip: Embed video thumbnail in newsletters
I love this tip, hack, strategy and all online marketers love it too because it works like a charm.. hehe
I hope you already are collecting email addresses an building your holy grail of email list (right?).
That means that regularly you communicate to your subscribers and tell them how awesome you are and how you are going to save their lives while making the world a better place, etc.
Some time you will have a video created by an amazing and revolutionary animation studio (hint: Grumo Media?) and then you will like to show it off to your loving subscribers and potential buyers… soo…
When you do, make sure to insert that beautiful thumbnail you created on Tip #4 right smack in the middle of your email (you can do that on MailChimp, AWeber, InfusionSoft, etc) but here is the trick.
Make sure that you draw a play button in the middle of the thumbnail so it looks like you could actually play back the video right inside the email and guess what  9 out of 10 people will more likely to click on the thumbnail than if you had a plain text link to your video. Boom, shakalaka laka yeah tomatoes with potatoes and cookies with chorizo! (you are welcome)

Now make sure to apply them every time you create or upload one of your videos online!

At Grumo we have produced hundreds of promotional videos for some of the top companies in the world but we still see how even seasoned marketing professionals make key mistakes when promoting their videos.

We work hard to create custom videos designed to maximize exposure, engagement, conversions and brand awareness and with these tips we believe you’ll be able to get the most out of your investment.

But wait.. You are telling me you don’t already have a demo video produced by us? No problem, whenever you are ready give as a shout and we will be super happy to find out how can we create the best possible marketing video for you.

You can request a free consultation here:

How to hear from you soon!

Peace, Love, and Cookies 🙂

Founder of Grumo Media

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