The 3 traits of the perfect Grumo client

The perfect client: Grumo-Kutcher love

After 2 years producing demo videos for tons of companies big and small we’ve discovered what traits the ideal Grumo client must have in order to be a great fit that ensures mutual happiness.
It’s very simple, he/she is very good looking, rich, famous, and donates 90% of his/her wealth with the poor, sick, and hungry.
Ok, ok.. just joking. That would be nice to have but certainly not enough to ensure success in our creative relationship.

To be more specific here is a possible “tweet” description of the perfect Grumo client:
“Person or company that loves Grumo’s work, fully trusts our creative chops, and has at least $7K to spare.”

Now let’s break down those 3 requirements:

1. Person of company that loves Grumo’s work

The ideal client has seen one or several of our videos and has already fallen in love with them.
So much that now they want to have a Grumo video of their own so they can show off to their peers and competitors.
There is nothing more energizing than to start a project for someone who already appreciates the uniqueness and quirkiness of our explanation videos.

We love to be given the chance to explain what companies do. We love to know our videos can help companies succeed all around the world. We love when we are entrusted to simplify complex concepts that companies struggled to explain to their customers, investors, or even family and friends.

And we love when a client has noticed the love we put on our work and wants a piece of it because, as cheesy as it may sound, we love to share our love for what we do!

2. Fully trusts our creative chops

Patient: “Hey Mr. Surgeon, I really love your work in heart surgery but I want to do surgery on myself my way, hope that is ok with you. Please pass me the scalpel, now!”.
Mr. Surgeon: “So why did you come here if you don’t need me? Ok, here is the scalpel, die in peace..”

Sometimes we get clients that really love our work but say something like this: “Hey Grumo, we love your work but we’ve already written a (very corporate and boring) script and we want you to do the video our way.”
This is like saying “we love your stuff but don’t trust you to do your stuff”.
What? no way! but the only reason you liked our stuff in the first place is because we were given freedom to do what we are good at!

If there is no trust, there is no magic, there is no possibility for demo video awesomeness.
A client that is looking for an executioner and not a creative doesn’t need a studio but a freelancer they can boss around.

In those cases we typically pass on the job and refer the client to eLance, oDesk, or Craigslist where they can find tons of eager freelance animators willing to follow instructions.

To be fair, some clients that come with written scripts or storyboards don’t mean to undermine our creativeness as a studio and in many occasions we’ve been able to compromise or talk them out of them all together.

There are usually 3 types of clients that come with written scripts:
– Clients with no budget trying to save money.
– Large corporations where the contact person has been handed a script from their marketing department and was assigned to look for an animation studio to bring it to life.
– Control freaks that are looking for a studio they can choke into creative submission.

Please note, that coming with a written script has never been a deal breaker for Grumo as long as the client is willing to work with our team to make it as awesome as possible.

3. At least a $7K budget

Unfortunately demo video awesomeness is not free. Today our typical demo video involves around 5 people and takes an average of 5 weeks to produce.

All these creative mouths need to be fed so they can keep breathing and creating for you.
For most startups $7K or even $5K is way too much specially if they have not raised any significant amount of money or they are still trying to gather traction and revenues.

Luckily there are still several options available or cash strapped clients.
You can always hire a cheap freelancer or, if you have enough time and patience, you can learn to produce the demo video yourself.

If you want to learn how to produce a demo video yourself you can take >this animation course where we disclose in all detail how we produce our videos here at Grumo Media.

If you are looking for freelancers or cheaper studios I recommend either Wooshii or Video Brewery where you can post your job and get several quotes from many affordable creatives.

Now, if you think you have what it takes to be an awesome Grumo client we’d love to hear from you!. Just get in touch here ->

Peace, Love, and Cookies! 🙂

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