Thank You! – Madrid 2015

As always I had a wonderful time in Spain this past April full of unforgettable experiences.
I want to thank all the friends, relatives, and grumo fans that met me and made this trip so much fun!

Here is to you all!

Dani y Marilu
Anartz y Ori
Gorka Vazquez
Iñaqui Vazquez y Guadalupe
Jose Carlos Panadero
El Dioni
Varinia (Vainilla)
Roberto Puch
Iker Saez
Iker Ugarte
Ana Hdez
Ina Robles
Iker Idigoras (Jebi)
Manu y Ariel (Fascination)
Lander Marroquin y Lara
Pedro Espinosa y Laura
Chino de DonCar
Ciprian Petrule
Sergio Sato
Alejandro Toledo
Nacho Charrabe
Veriti Harrison
Katie Chalcraft
Steve Arriguenna
Caroline McKim White
Fernando Ortega
Ricardo Pons
Javier Icazuriaga
Abel Aubone
Anika Giftge

and of course..

My Mommy!!!

Lots of this in Spain -  oh yeah!
Lots of this in Spain – oh yeah!

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