Testimonial: Shalendra Chhabra – Indix.com

Here is a video testimonial for Grumo Media by Shalendra Chhabra, Director of Marketing at Indix.com.

Grumo Media has produced three demo videos for Indix:

Indix – Retailers: http://grumomedia.com/indix-demo-video/
Indix – Brands: http://grumomedia.com/indix-brands/
Indix – Mission: http://grumomedia.com/indix-mission/

And here is the first demo video we produced for Shalendra when he was working at Clipboard before it was acquired by Salesforce:

Clipboard: http://grumomedia.com/clipboard-select-collect-reflect/

Check other testimonials here: http://grumomedia.com/category/testimonials/

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