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Mentor: Alexis Ohanian

The great Alexis Ohanian deserves a very special place in this site. In fact, one could say that the main reason why Grumo exists today is thanks to Alexis generosity and his willingness to promote Grumo and its accomplishments where ever he goes. Back in October 2010, I created a spec video for Hipmunk, a […]

New Grumo: What is Fridge?

Just before I got extremely busy producing grumos for all the great startups of the world, the great Austin Chang contacted me to produce a cool intro video for Fridge a YCombinator startup. The Fridge is a really cool social network that makes it super easy to share your stuff with only the right people, […]

New Grumo: What is Hipmunk?

Hipmunk is a great little startup which mission is to make booking flights a painless experience. To accomplish this goal, they have designed an amazing user interface that helps you visualize the best possible flight combinations on just a single screen. Twitter Love for the Hipmunk Video Right after publishing this video got lots of […]