How To Make Money Teaching on Udemy – An Interview With Miguel Hernandez

Joe Fier from interviews Miguel Hernandez about his experience creating online courses and selling them on Udemy. Do you want to learn how to create your own online courses? Miguel created a full course on Udemy where he has taught over 1000 people how to create, promote, and sell online courses on Udemy. Just[…]


How Grumo Overcame His Fear of English and Built a Successful Company

Monica Stocker runs a very successful Spanish blog called “El Blog Del Ingles” when she found that Grumo was run by a Spaniard she immediately contacted me to find out how I learned English and managed to build a successful company in a foreign country. Here is the original article on Monica’s Blog: Supera Sus[…]

Grumo Media  headquarters

Running an Animation Studio by Grumo Media – Interview by Animation Orbit

I was interviewed by Adam Fraser from Animation Orbit about the ins and outs of running an animation studio: Click on the questions to jump to the answer for each: Could you start by telling us by how you got into the animation industry and how you ended up starting Grumo Media? At Animation Orbit[…]