Get a Grumo video for half the price! – With the new Startup Plan

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Today we are introducing a special discount program for startups.
For a limited time, if your startup qualifies, we’ll produce an awesome Grumo demo video up to 90 secs for only $5K.
That’s half of our current base price rate! ($10K for a 90 sec demo video.)

So how do you qualify?

Simple. Just meet the following criteria:

1. You are truly cash-strapped and cannot afford a video at full price.
2. You have a proper working product, website, and logo.
3 to 7. Basically, You are a nice person and love Grumo videos 🙂

If that sounds like you just submit your application here:

This is a test program so hurry up because we will be only be accepting applications until Oct 10th. Vamos!

Peace, Love, Cookies.

CEO of Grumo Media

Any questions? Need advice? Please call 1-650-918-4400 to speak with a real Grumo being.

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